My Thoughts on "Halo Xbox One"

Personally, less than two years for development to achieve a beautifully working next gen title seems impossible. Looking at Halo 4, they had over 4 years to develop the game, and the final product did not work as advertised.

It’s still missing working features that shipped with the game, to the point where it was better to keep them turned off rather than fix them (kill cams).

And more to the point, 343i may have had a good foundation to make a next gen game, they likely would have less than 16 months to do so since they would not have any confirmed specs and or devkit to make the game off of.

So what if it’s not Halo 5?

Looking back to Halo’s past, we’ve had one re-released game so far, Halo: Combat Evolved turned into Halo: Anniversary.

And it just so happens that Halo 2 was released almost 10 years ago, making this year the most probable chance for a remake for a 10 year anniversary.

So if our upcoming Halo title later this year was in fact, a remake, what would your expectations be?

For me I would hope that they do not re-release that Halo 4 multiplayer along with Halo 2’s.

Specifically, I would like a cleaned up version of Halo 2’s multiplayer, no glitches, everything in HD, same core multiplayer playlists and gametypes… But I would not say no to new and additional gametypes that take advantage of the XB1’s power.

Larger team sizes, new gametypes. Stuff like that.

But what I would say no to is them overshadowing the core gameplay like it did in Halo Anniversary. I feel we should take a moment and play the game that shot Halo into the stars, making it how it is today. If nothing else, it gives our divided community a common ground, allowing veterans to enjoy what they loved, while allowing everyone who didn’t have the chance to play this game to enjoy the campaign and see what’s the fuss is about while we get the next installment of Halo later on after it has had a healthy development time frame.