My thoughts on Halo Wars 2 Open Beta

My thought on the game so far have been generally positive. The game looks great, feel relatively the same, and bring a tear to my eyes as its a halo wars game. The online gameplay is unique to Halo, which is a good thing, but fails to captivate me like the first. The controls are very complicated, the game is very hardcore RTS, and the matches too quick. The gamemode seems to be a quick match type mode, which is fine, but the game lacks rewarding progression. I have all my marine upgrades done in 3 minuets, the game is hard to follow in its 20 battles that last only thirty seconds due to the chaos of not micro managing. The game is very quick to progress which isn’t what Halo Wars needs. The game need to slow down and not be over in 5 minuets. The gameplay is fun but quick, which is disappointing. The progression is fast pace but the game goes way quicker. The supplies and power supply to slowly to make progress unless you have 8 fully upgraded supply pads and generators. There isn’t much praise so far in the game sadly. Unfortunatly, I won’t be preordering unless the single player is mind blowing. The multiplayer isn’t set up to be an actual Halo Wars. That’s my opinion though. Thanks for reading if you did, take care Halo fans.