My thoughts on Halo Reach. The good the bad and...just that.

Now lets begin by saying this is my favorite game, best game I have ever played. (Be nice ive played alot) But nevertheless it needs fixed but…I will list what I like and hate about the game in general.

CAMPAIGN: So, the campaign was quite amazing in my opinion, the storyline I mean. You go through so much to get cortana delivered to the PoA so humanity has a chance of survival. All of your sqaudmates die trying. Its movie worthy.

Now gameplay is quite great but I just get so bored with campaign so…:slight_smile:

FIREFIGHT: Now, I love firefight. Genuis idea from the start. Customizable, Changeable, and not to mention very fun indeed. The only problems I have is button lag in every game when I play with somone although it may be me sbecause I have At&t…(Which is garbage) so…yea…Unearthed made firefight even better lthough I was dissapointed about ANOTHER Rocket hog. I was hoping for at least a regular. But its still fun.

FORGE: Since Halo 3 this has been my favorite part of Halo. I LOVE making my own maps, Ive become a dedicated forger and am getting better at making competitive maps. The forge is quite amazing. I hope they make a new forge world…not that theres anything wrong with the other one its just I like new stuff…if 343 you do make a new forge world I AM BEGGING YOU to add weather/day effects and I will be forever grateful.

MULTIPLAYER: Now we come to multiplayer. Now dont get me wrong I love multplayer…but this needs some fixing which I will list later…anyway AAs are a great addition to the Halo Franchise, but I HATE how weak our weapons are and how weak we are. Multplayer makes me SO angry at times. Armor Lock needs to be nerfed that is the main problem. Now the maps, most are good despite what haters say, although there are a few like Sword Base and Pinnacle that should go.


Now I shall explain what should be fixed, what wouldnt ruin what is beinng changed.

Armor Lock: Now I really think that its duration should be 3-4 seconds long and Frosting removed. EMP CAN stay.

Bloom: I dont care about bloom whatsoever but change bloom to whatever it was supposed to be for the DMR and NR.

Grenades: I really dont have a problem with grenades, but they shouldnt bleed through and kill so easily. So nerf the damage.

Melees: These make me so angry, I put a full clip of AR into the guy and I get killed by a melee? The melee lunge distance should be shortened alot. Or reduced to 3 melees to kill.

Assualt rifle: The AR is underpowered. It could use a buff to kill 2 bullets less on an unsheilded enemy.

Plasma Repeater: This is THE worst weapon in the game, it needs to return to its beta state.

Focus Rifle: This needs to be buffed to how strong it is on 110% damage modifier.

DMR: A small buff on enemys with no sheilds to take 1 bullet less to kill with body shots.

Shade Turret:…I know…no one really uses it but…it could be stronger ;]

Hologram: This should get a buff, I dont know how but whoever reads this should hand out an idea.

Well thats my thought for changes and feedback for Halo Reach. This is a brilliant game. Im looking foward to you 343i, taking over Reach. I know you will fix these problems, maybe not my way but some way, Bungie planned this all along you know? I think they purposly didnt make a title update so you can have a great start with the Halo Community.



P.S: This is my first review of anything so…