My Thoughts on Halo 5

!!!If you are too lazy to read, please just read my last point, I would love to help this idea spread and hopefully be seen by 343i!!!

When I saw that first leak of the halo 5 beta that went viral a short while before halo 5, I was extremely mad at 343i. I was so upset because I thought halo was going back to its roots. I thought that it would be a halo 3 2.0, which was all I wanted. However, in the weeks leading up to the beta, I didn’t even want to try it. Obviously, being the halo fanboy that I am, I downloaded it, fully expecting the multiplayer to not work, since MCC was still broken (at least it doesn’t work in Vietnam, which is where I live). Once it was downloaded, I played a few games of slayer, and absolutely loved it. I wish I could have taken back all the terrible things I said to 343i when I saw the leak, because it is the most fun I have ever had in a videogame, let alone a beta. After I finished a few hours of slayer, I went to the breakout gamemode, which I enjoyed even more. I think halo 5 is the tied with halo 3 for me, as the best game I’ve ever played. Anyway, enough rambling for now. Below is a list of all of the things that I think should be changed, added or even removed (and no I’m not going to say sprint).

  • Elites in multiplayer (even if it doesn’t make sense in the lore).
  • Return of invasion (with spartans vs elites).
  • A vastly improved forge, mainly with more textures like covenant, forerunner, human, and possibly even flood variants of each of the forge pieces (or at least the basic building blocks and inclines).
  • Better terrain pieces in forge. Halo 2 anniversary was a big step in the right direction, but I think it needs more variation like snowy hill, icy rock, snowy tree, flat snow, as well as sand and grass variants for each of those pieces (with actual grass, not just texture. It would be taxing on framerate, but just for a small room to have a grass covered floor would add tons of aesthetics to the maps, and wouldn’t impact framerate that much.
  • Remove respawn music, it’s so incredibly annoying XD
  • Remove ping sound when you get a hitmarker
  • Make the spnkr rocket default, and the new design legendary. I’m afraid that by the time halo 6 comes out, the spnkr will have practically vanished.
  • Add more vehicles for forge/custom games. Imagine being able to place a scarab and drawing a line of where it moves, and place that on a map. It doesn’t matter if you can’t drive it, but just imagine having scarabs walking around without shooting. Also pelicans and hornets. We’ve been wanting it for ages, everyone would love you guys if you added it.
  • A few maps (not forged) that are on disc, or DLC that work with no spartan abilities and no sprint, to please the fans of classic games (if it becomes a matchmaking playlist, you can add forge maps as well).
  • And now my last idea, but I think it is my favourite, and I have never heard anyone else suggest it. I think at the end of every one or two months, the community should vote for the best map, whether it be competitive, BTB, race, infection, or whatever, and 343i takes the exact design, but reskins it and releases it as DLC. This would provide more maps that the community really loves, and strengthen the custom games and forging community so much that it might return to it’s glory days, if not surpass them.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to respond and tell me what you think of my last point, because I think it is a really good idea.

about your idea…
I don’t think that reskinning multiplayer maps does any good except wasting space

si estoy con tigo las cosas han cambiado mucho pero… mírale el lado positivo amenos traerán cosas nuevas a la saga y si no hubiera nada bueno créeme que todos se estubieran quejando porque siempre es lo mismo

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> about your idea…
> I don’t think that reskinning multiplayer maps does any good except wasting space

It would be an optional download then I guess.