My thoughts on halo 4:)

Hello, names Mike…

Well i have over 2 days total playing time in halo 4 and i think now is a good time to express my love/hates for the game:) I just kinda pour whatever im thinking about the game onto the page. Hope you ENJOY:) PS. my OPINION!


Played through the campaign on Normal and had a great time. End was very disappointing but, the rest was absolutely fantastic. Music that’s implemented is just GREAT. Its good you don’t get xp for campaign. Legendary is REALLY hard. Still not as hard as halo 2 though. 8/10 PS great job on Cortana :wink:

Spartan ops:

Played through spartan ops on legendary, both episodes. I think this is a better alternative to firefight. everyweek we get a new 5 missions to play. AWESOME:) I like the respawning, without it… forget beating it on legendary lol. LOVE how everything just overwhelms you and CHASES you down. That how i thought an elite would play. 10/10 for spartan ops




AWESOME… REAL upgrade from halo reach. Feels like halo 3 witha mix of halo reach. and a twist of new shtuff. Im a level 55 and i love the armor and crap you get! just great. I hope from wherever i saw it that the 1-50 ACTUALL ranking system will be up in january. I HOPE. boltshot is OP… DMR is OP and not. BR is halo 3. Ordanance was a good idea, but idk. 50/50 on that. lol. LOVE how commedations actually do something in this game. Makes it so a player has a GOAL to reach for. (thats why you hear complalining about 1-50 skill) Humans need GOALS. anwayyyys… like that they added a playlist not even a week after the game was released. Team Snipers is next. Dominion 10/10 regicide: 5/10. WARGAMES GETS A 8/10


Can’t have more than 1 player watching 1/10 for effort.

Custom Games

ugh… messed up. 4/10


I pretty much agree with 50% with what you say, shame that u dont like forge, but oh well its your opinion and ill respect that. Overall, very good review, though i would give the game a 9/10 lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get it… you said you would explain your thoughts love/hates of the game.

When it gets to the sections you hate you simply say “Crap me not likey” then move onto the next thing…not explanation.