My thoughts on firefight - needs revive system

To me, the firefight Beta is missing the SURVIVAL aspect & the tension that comes from knowing you can actually get wiped out by the AI if you don’t work together & make good decisions.

The only real challenge is killing the bosses in time, & pounding a boss for several minutes isn’t really that fun, IMO. Also, it’s weird to not include reviving in Firefight when it’s already there in the Campaign.

I think having only 1 life per round & ability to revive would improve the gameplay A LOT and add a lot of actual teamwork into the game mode. If a player goes down, it’ll be up to teammates to revive them & if they don’t get revived, they are out of the rest of the round.

This could also help keep the game challenging while being able to maybe take the boss health down some. Because honestly, the amount of health bosses have is pretty cheesy but with infinite respawns, that’s the only thing that’s making the game challenging.

I also think there should be different difficulty settings that award more points with the hardest(Legendary?) requiring real coordination to have a chance.

I also think there should be more interesting objectives where you have to interact with objects on the map & there could also be survival waves where you just have to survive.

I just think the game should require actual teamwork in order for you to succeed and I think there should also be more things that are challenging than whether or not you can kill all the bosses in time which is why I think going the route of limited lives and revive capability would really be a lot better than what we’ve seen so far.

Nah… the revive system was so effing annoying. Didn’t like it in the campaign and don’t want it in multiplayer at all.

Yeah why not, then we can hear revive me bro, and if you don’t/can’t get there in time, you get cussed at.

Good idea, but no one is going to revive you on ‘Defend the Garage’ when you’re surrounded by knights. (Kind of off topic, but has anyone seen Emile’s armor in the WZFF menu with the fire design on it?)

Yes that would be awesome if you could revive your squad mates

No. Its called respawn

Or they would troll you and start to revive you and then stop right before you were at full health.

No no no to revive.

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> No. Its called respawn

that’s called casual & boring

I’ve been saying this for awhile now (don’t take this as spam) but instead of replacing the Warzone Firefight we have now, why not make another playlist for classic Firefight for Arena and Custom Games?

No, thank you.