My Thoughts of halo 5 BR AR starts

I have played it for a while now and so far what i have liked about it.

BR starts it’s kinda of in the middle i prefer it because not everyone can get 4 shots even though it is a lot easier but far range needs to be tweaked it’s to powerful i mean yeah it’s a power weapon and made for far range but on the old games far range had it’s balance so they can at least have a chance to be in the opened.

AR starts make the game fun but just i practiced with my br for a reason and now i feel like i’m always using the AR because it’s so powerful and i use what’s best for what helps win the game. I been playing for awhile i prefer halo 3 over any other game still but this game can change my mind with some fixing great game though i just picture halo being even better then this still a while to come for release so i won’t hate.

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