My thoughts for forge

Adding to armor ability’s, a change to the HOLOGRAM Ability making so that when activated, the Hologram when fired upon would turn towards the player firing at it, (Not counting the player that activated the Hologram) and fire blanks back. Firing Blanks would give the illusion that the player is being shot at, and keep the attention drawn upon the AI*.
The ability to clone items(See below)
When placing objects, an addition of being able to “GLUE” things together, “Ex; creating a base type object, and wanting to create a clone, to keep simple only have to GLUE the items together to create an entire movable object.” This being the ability to select an option that says to clone object, thus creating an exact copy of the item, only* if enough objects are present in the halo forge bank. If there isn’t enough items left in the forge bank, then the option given would be grayed out, or not show.

An excellent addition to creating more “Professional” maps would be the ability to change the surroundings. For a few examples- Day to Night, Sunny skies to Torrential rain, Small earthquakes, that would mainly affect the vision of the player by shaking the screen by changing how often they occur, to the sensitivity of the earthquakes, or rumbling of the ground.

"Changing what types of scenery" that the players could interact with would drastically affect gameplay also. An example of this being that if you were to walk up to a bush, an option that could be turned on/off from forge being that you could hide in the bush, or even if you could walk through the bush. If a tree for instance was placed, giving the option (Same as above, being able to turn On/Off from Forge) to climb the tree, giving an advantage to snipers, or even to somebody waiting for non-suspecting “prey” to get an assassination on.

<strong>An item that would benefit to people who create a lot of base maps, on uneven terrain would be the ability to spawn an “object_Floor” that would then allow the player to do the equivalent to what is done when lining up objects with precision in HALO REACH forge, and change the dimensions on the object. So for example when opened it would start at something like 001.0x00.1, and then one may be able to change to something like 089.7x011.7 being that one should only be able to change the size to somewhere between 5%, and 10% of the overall map size.</strong>

"Bringing back items" from previous titles like HALO 3, and current titles like HALO REACH, for example of most vehicles from HALO 3 excluding the scarab as to keep gameplay to optimal connection. From HALO REACH, bringing back a large majority of the weapons, and also creating new weapons to add to would expand the creativity of the minds for forging.
A type of “teleporting for forge” if on a very large map, like forge world, having the option to be able to open a menu, and choose to go to a different part of the map saving time when doing something time consuming. Let’s say you were on one side of the map placing objects, and you need to get back across the field. If you were to hit a button, or a combination of buttons such as ‘RB+LB’ it would bring up a menu asking you which location to go to (Knowing the locations would start by reading some under the map.)

Keeping some features that HALO REACH brought us would keep players use to some of the things, but also adding new content would show that technology will just the technology won’t stop growing, but will only become more weather or not half the people like it.

Adding the ability to edit the terrain and be able to create a rocky surface, or even an underwater playing area. When you open the forge menu; the text should say: Place objects, “Edit terrain, Teleport”. Editing the terrain should include; being able to raise and lower the sea level, mountains/rocks, make bridges from the landmass itself.

New items to accommodate being able to play under water. It would widely affect the visual people get considering it’s never been done. The most any halo player has seen is space, and ground, but never underwater. Items for example; “Scuba gear” letting us float around in maybe specific bodies of water.

<strong>Credits go to Dark_Smoke_XX, and Barakkas47201 for all ideas in this post.</strong>