My thoughts about the recent activity of the

Ok recently we got a video by RUL and someone else (glacier & butterfly videos) and a lot of fan sites, twitter profile pics etc had the didact symbol. I dont think there are any significance to any to of this, I think this is just a trend that the well known fan community (like green skull etc) is doing to build hype and intensity for halo 4, which is good.

But people are speculating that this activity from these people was asked to be done by 343, which I definitely do not think so. As I said I think this is just a trend started to get excitement up for the game, nothing else to it. I know there have been numbers at the end of the butterfly and glacier videos but I think its just something they are gonna be doing themselves and will reveal it at some point, probably nov 5th since the numbers appear to relate to that date.

Whatever RUL or whoever is doing is not a part of 343/microsofts viral campaign. The only thing we need to focus on for the official secrets are these forerunner that 343/microsoft is sending out.

Now im not saying people shouldn’t pay attention to what RUL and the other popular sites are doing but it should be kept separate from what 343/microsoft is doing because i believe they are not affiliated with them. It’s most likely that RUL and the others are working together for their own fan viral campaign.