My Thank You to the Legacy Titles of This Great Series

This series was the reason I got a Xbox and I can’t begin to put it into words on how much these games have had an impact on me growing up. All the memories and friends that have been made throughout the years, all the school days just wanting to go home and just play without a care in the world, it’s just such an indescribable feeling that I wish I could have back. Now with the servers going down it really feels like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend and it’s really bitter sweet as it feels like a chapter of a big part of my life is finally ending, but as they say all good things must come to an end and I’m glad I got to experience these games the way I did.

We do at least have MCC and I seriously do appreciate all the work put into that game and ensuring that these games do have some form future but the magic that the OG games brought, it’s just not the same.

Thank you Halo for all the kick -Yoink!- memories over the years and like Johnson, I’ll send you out with a bang!


At the end of the day there’s never going to be a great time to finally turn the switch off for the online servers. You look at the games though H3 had over 14 years, Reach had 11 years, Odst had 12 and H4 had 9. Even though the legacy games hadn’t had new content in years we were forrune the servers were kept up for as long as they were.

It was time to turn the page. I had a lot of great memories in H3 back in the day. We are all fortunate though that we have all the legacy titles in MCC now. MCC isn’t perfect by any means but a lot of work has been put into the game over the last 2.5 years. 343 has said there’s more to come as well.

Man, those days back in ‘07, ‘08, ‘09 seem like a completely different life.

The simple times: Go to school, hang out with friends, go home and play Halo 3. Oh, what it’s the weekend now? Time to play 10+ hours with my friends on both days, awhhh yeeeee. :sunglasses:

The hours spent and memories made in this game make it difficult to really put into words how it feels knowing it’ll never be the same again… It was truly the golden age of gaming and Halo (imo at least). No micro transactions, no rushing out games with 70% of it missing, no shady xp boosts or battle pass skips or w/e; just passionate developers crafting an experience for their fans to enjoy.

Thank you Bungie for this masterpiece :pray:

(Time to put on the H3 OST and ugly cry)


Well said.

Halo 3 is such a presence in my memories of those days. I will always remember the times playing splitscreen with my brothers and sisters. Thankfully, we still get to goof around in custom games on the holidays sometimes.

I bought a 360 just for Halo 3, and I played all through so many nights when I was in college. I bought the legendary edition of the game and loved having the silly helmet in my living room. Then, my girlfriend at the time accidentally mailed my game disc back to Netflix instead of whatever movie we had borrowed and had to replace it with a new one (regular edition disc, unfortunately).

In grad school, a guest speaker needed to borrow my laptop for a presentation, and when I hooked this machine I rarely ever used up to the projector, an old Reach promo background greeted the full auditorium: “Falls 2010”. Embarrassing, but no regrets.

It’s good to see some people are playing this evening. I was never good enough to max out my rank, and it’s definitely not going to happen tonight, but it will be good to say goodbye to this old game with some others who enjoyed it as well.

I’m going to save some clips from my fileshare, then finish the fight on these OG Halo servers. I’m grateful for the times I’ve had playing on them.


Same here bro. Turning on Xbox and just gaming on ranked or social was a huge escape growing up. I’ll cherish OG Halo 3 for the rest of my life.

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