My Teammates Don't Even Know How to Shoot

I don’t mean the people the game pairs me with are bad shots, quite the contrary. The ones that shoot are often not bad.

What I mean is, the majority of people that are ever on my team DON’T SHOOT AT ALL. They just run around and die, not firing their guns more than a handful of times the entire match.

What is the deal with that, surely I’m not the only one that notices it.

One possible explanation is they could be new players.


Can be new players, can also be like a match I had the other day where I hardly got a round off as desync was so bad I was being killed without any chance to react


what am I, a babysitter?


lol It’s just a negative side effect from Infinite being a free to play game.


Lately I’ve seen more players who seem to be struggling with using their weapons, movement etc. Had a teamate the other day who did not seem to get how to use the rockets on a Rocket Hog. They kept firing one rocket like they were using a shoulder launched unit. On a Rocket Hog you hold the button down and never let up unless you get close to a wall or something.


A lot of people dont know the Rocket Hog’s automatic. Ive seen people attempting to blind-fire it against Wasps and ground vehicles too.
There really should be a tool-tip on that in the Vehicle Bay IMO.


Haha ive played 2k games and didnt know this.

In my defence i only play ranked or TS

I don’t think I’ve ever once even USED the rocket hog, so I don’t know if I knew it either

I hate vehicles

As you can see:

Rocket Hog is pretty good, but the rockets don’t pack enough punch. The Gun Goose is shockingly good and a blast to drive and shoot. The tank is okay but it’s steering controls are weird and take time to get used to.

Everything else, adequate.

all the rockets ever do when someone shoots me with them is send me flying backwards

No, it’s not. Last night I ran into a 1/15 on MCC. That had to be paid for.

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That was how people in Quake did it. We kept the community strong because older and better players would coach newer players on how to play. This effectively help speed up the process of getting them into a better spot skill wise and keep the game fun. The people you taught would turn around and teach other new players on how to play and ways to improve to keep the train rolling.

I miss those days. Game communities were exceptionally friendly towards one another back then.

I’d love to use this vehicle more often. But the sucker is fairly rare to find and looks like a normal mongoose at a distance…

This happens a lot in most games now-a-days… People jump in without touching any form of tutorial or guide online expecting it’ll be simple to pick up and play, as well as being good at the game right out of the bat.

They don’t even speak most of the time, they aren’t interested in anything I could teach them

The problem with changes in games and how the communities grew to the point there’s so many people to interact with that people stopped tolerating one another unfortunately. This is why most games have communications off by default. Even if it puts them at a colossal disadvantage…

If they bring back custom game browsers though, this would help it a little at least. One of the problems with matchmaking is that you typically will get new people to play with every single game. It gives little incentive to actually interact with people, since you know when the game is over, you’ll probably never interact with them again.

With custom game servers, you can start little mini communities directly in them. People will find servers they enjoy playing and favorite them, and you’ll more then likely start seeing people regularly enter those servers who also like them. It’s easier to actually start friendships online in these types of servers. This is one of the faults of relying on a matchmaker to play games online.

They could be experiencing some hard lag and they aren’t seeing the enemy playermodels where they actually are.

I have noticed that when I die to people who are lag-ghosting, it is because I am sprinting around the map and suddenly they just Dragon-Ball-Teleport outta nowhere and suddenly I am dead before I can stop my sprint animation and fire back.

It is especially annoying on Streets because they can just vault in from center or just have rounded the corner with a good weapon and I don’t immediately open fire because there is no enemy player model on my screen until it is too late.

It is embarrassing when you are running around a corner, see no one, and then suddenly I get bulldog-melee killed outta nowhere from a guy who wasn’t there a frame ago.

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Of course this happens all the time but you run into way more newbs in free to play games. It’s free and easy to download and you don’t need Xbox Live or Game Pass to play Infinite’s MP which makes playing with newbs much more prevalent than ever before in a Halo game. Especially, since Infinite is catered towards newer players more than players who have been playing the game for years or months(that’s how most Live service games work though, focus on the new players and hope the veterans keep playing).

I wish that brand new accounts would have to play like 3 bot games before they could join PvP.

At least 3…

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Even Halo 3 had a thing like that where you had to play “training” matches with other new players before you could join matchmaking iirc

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I’m not sure about that tbh. I think Game Pass has significantly blurred the lines between F2P and premium games.

I think MCC getting mtx additions teased is a pivotal moment where we’re going to watch MS games lean pretty heavily into “F2P” revenue models, even when they’re premium games.