My take on the new covenant

First let me say I am a huge Elite fan an always play as one ever since a little in H2 and always in H3 and Reach. I am a little upset that elites are not in MM, but I understand 343 wants to move in a different direction and have the really LAME training room excuse, even though elites could easily still be in a training room story line.
That being said…
I love the new look for the covenant, I really like the choice of showing more of the elites. I remember back when I first started playing the Halo games, I had a misconception of how the elites really looked. All we really saw were these elongated helmets. but in (halo)reality they have some kind of mix between turtle and ostrich heads. But the armor maintains we have always seen from the covenant, in short they just trimmed some excess armor off the elites. This allows a new look, sure it would not be as good in combat, so maybe it gives us a less developed and/or less economically sound faction. This is similar to GOW savage locust. Also note that the helmet is still elongated in the back, but with the face showing we can still get a good sense on the elite’s body.