"My Sword, My Shield" Halo 5 Guardians Fan Trailer

So I just saw this awesome trailer by ZoxinTV (Cameron Asselstine) on youtube; It’s older but it really brought back the feelings of how excited I was for Halo 5’s campaign and I recommend watching it.

I won’t get into my disappointment, because I’ve accepted Halo 5’s story for what it is, but there was something that struck me this time around when hearing some dialogue of Cortana. In H4 She tells Chief that they will probably pair him with another AI; maybe even another Cortana model, but that it wouldn’t be her.
I know there are a lot of lore players out there that know a lot more than me, but my hope is that the Cortana in H5 is merely one of her fractures that was put together again by the domain. But it’s not her and my hope is that Chief will realize this.

Anyways, I liked the video a lot so I wanted to spread it around for those that are feeling nostalgic.

Yah that trailer was awesome, not for halo 5, but for chief’s journey. I too hope that this new Cortana is just a fragment of her rampant self.

I’m excited for halo 5 campaign!!! O wait…

Damn man. Good work by him

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> I’m excited for halo 5 campaign!!! O wait…

Lol! That’s how I felt, ha ha!