My suggestions for Halo Infinite, pls leave your ideas here, so 343 may see them

Hello, here are some of my suggestion for change for the current state of the game.
Please leave your idead below, if you have otehr suggestions or see some of my points differently.

  1. Step add forge and custom Browser as well as a Forge world ASAP and not in 9 month like they said, so we can make our own content.
    ( with this they have some breathing room)
    1.5 Step adjust the playlist, so you can choose what to play.
  2. Step change the progession system. Each match should award 10-30 credits depending on performance ( kills , objectives played and so on)
    With this the dedicated Halo player can work toward a favourite armor or coating, while people who dont have the time can buy it or have to play longer. Keep the credit prices the same, but change the exchange rate to real word currency divided by 2.
  3. Add a rank system similar to reach, where you get like 50 credits for each level as well as some classic armor pieces otherwise unobtainable.
    ( The Battlepass can stay the same, but daily challanges have to be added like: Get 10 headshots, play 5 slayer, win 5 oddball with 1 or more diffcult challange as weekly challange. Completing all daily challange gives you XP like before as well as 1 skip or XP Boost.

Not so important, but would be nice to have but they can take their time with this.

  1. Rebalance some weapons. The Commando rifle, plasma pistol and ravager need some buffs, maybe change the frag grenade, so they fly further and dont bounce so far, as well as the banshe which needs more health.
  2. Add player collision.
    6 Add new weapons or old weapons from classic Halo like the plasma rifle, the Magnum as a beefier slower variant than the sidekick, the brute grenade launcher and so on.
    7 Add new maps with different bioms. desert, snow and so on.
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Please keep from spreading your toxicity here, This should be a constructive thread to show flaws in the game as well as make suggestions how to improve them.

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How does 1100 dollars in cosmetics sound reasonable to you, whoever okayed this system internally should be blacklisted from the gaming industry.

Clan servers , clan matches real rankings etc

A bad game (for some) deserves a bad review (for some) you don’t control any of us Infinite enjoyers… get over yourselves. GIVE ALL OF HALO 5 BACK YO HALO 5 PLAYERS!