My story for Halo 4

Well, I just think John should come back to Earth, find a girl, have a family, have kids, get a dog, have the Arbiter come over sometimes to watch games of “thrash ball”, & root for their favorite player, Cole Train, & have a Smart House, so he can have Cortana as an AI, linked to the house to monitor the house. The real story will be, she goes rampant, jealous of Johns wife. She then traps you in your house made of titanium/bamboo wood, & you have no armor because you returned it to ONI. So, this game would be called, “Halo CE”. That stands for, Halo - Cortana is Evil!

Basically, since your house is made of titanium A armor, & bamboo wood, you have to find a way to escape, because she locked all the doors.

Can you go troll somewhere else?

sounds like a god aweful game to me, but its good your thinkin

You should have added “SPOILER ALERT” to the thread title…

I REALLY hope you’re kidding.