My Spartan rank is Lance Corporal on my 2nd tour

My Spartan rank is Lance Corporal on my second tour meaning I finished my 1st tour in season 1 and that should show you how much I play and love this game

The question is why should I have to go out of the game go on my computer to Halo Stat Tracker to get this information and why is this basic Quality of life information not in the game as our Spartan Service Record.

This is a day one must I mean what are the points we are earning in game for if not our Spartan rank, you play a wonderful game in BTB you accumulate over 4000 points for kills, assists and objective base only for it to mean nothing after the match ends.

Medals, right after the match you view your medals with pride only to hit B button and they go away from the game and the only way to see them is to go off the game on your computer and go to Halo Stat Tracker.

I got my first and only Quigley now being an Mediocre to average casual player that was one of the medals I knew I would never get but when I picked up that Sniper rifle got not only a headshot but a Quigley I screamed LETS GO so loud my neighbors heard me, but once again once I hit the B button to back out that medal is gone from the game for me to view unless I jump on my computer and go to Halo Stat Tracker.

See the Spartan rank for us casual gamers who are not as skillful that’s our Onyx but it’s not about win or lose record or our KDA ratio or % it is about just playing the game. It might take longer for me to reach General because I do not earn as much points as the skillful players but I know with a nice grind I will reach it.

So Quality of life to me means making this game worth continuing playing so example

At the start of the day for the battlepass it goes 300, 200, 200, 100, 100, 100 meaning in 6 games you can level up the battlepass but after the 6th games it drops to 50 points per game meaning I now have to play 20 games to achieve one level on my battlepass. It’s not worth that much of a grind plus many casual players do not even care for the battlepass they just want to play the game.

I just finished my 6th game I leveled my battlepass I’m done with my Weekly challenges (typically by Thursday) there is no event but I noticed after that 6th game I am 7450 points away from my next Spartan Rank and lets say it so happens to put me in as a Sergeant now I typically average 2000 per game being an average player and a good game 3000 meaning I could hit my Sergeant rank in 5 games easy and that’s me having one bad game so what the heck lets grind those 5 games because I want to rank up and what the heck lets add double XP so when I am done I am at 500 on the battlepass instead of 250. (Quality of life)

That is Quality of life not Nerfing or Buffing a weapon or putting glitches back in the game because they are cool (although some are actually really cool Talking to you mini warthog) Quality of life means fixing or adding something that improves your experiences when playing the game making it fun and worth playing making you want to continue playing the game.

Here is the problem 343 does listen but not to Casual gamers because we do not have a platform see they listen to the pro and rank players, the Youtube Content creators and the Twitch streamers who does not speak for us casual gamers.

Rank/Pro players whine about the Mangler Bam its now nerfed, Ranked /Pro players complained about removal of skill jumps bam they are back but Casual gamers who are not that skillful did not care but since these group has a platform 343 listens and the sad part is casual gamers numbers is way bigger than those groups combined.

It is simple 343 go to Halo Stat tracker take that which is already done and place it in game but announce later in the year that January 2023 it will start over from scratch but this time when you finish your first tour you unlock a special Spartan Armor meaning Skilled players will get it first, the grinders will get it second and the mediocre casual players will eventually get it too just will take longer, heck there are 30 ranks 5 levels after each level battlpass players gets a free level up on the battlepass but everyone might get s weapon coating or something worth receiving and when you get to tour 2 each level now unlocks a new helmet 5 levels 5 different helmets.

Also 343 can include points toward medals so now your medals means something more than just pride. The easier the medal the lower the point heck right now I have over 1000 double kills not a heard medal to get so okay every double kill is 25 points but a killtacular which is 5 kills and harder to get is 100 points. A Quigley not easy to get 100 points, Guardian angel 50 points and so on.

The game is fun for me it is the best shooter out right now but after a fun and wonderful BTB game I feel empty because I have to go to Halo Stat tracker to view my progression and cannot do it in game.

BroBro456 Spartan Rank Lance Corporal 2nd tour signing out.

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