my somewhat review

I have played quite a bit of the beta and heres what I’ve noticed,

AR is more powerful than other weapons when up close, But when someone uses a gun say BR or DMR it closes the gap if you have enough time to not get to close to the person with the AR, I’ve noticed Grenades should have a little more power as with them lately you need to place it right and doesn’t do enough damage in a fight most of the time,
plasma grenades are somewhat fine as it’s a kill if you stick it at most times,
I like the AR magazine size as if you run out before you kill someone it make you resort to you’re secondary weapon while the other players shields are down,
I think the (Prophets bane Energysword) speed should be slowed down a little but not too much as I’ve seen players win matches with it getting too many kills but I’ll admit I have fun with it though,
The same sword should be somewhere a lil more diffacult to get to, As it’s usually something someone gets and can keep going with unless someone is playing with multiple players to ambush him/her and of course its the idea of shoot the person b4 they get to it,
I’ve noticed alot of the light on the city map is way too bright as it’s blinding sometimes mixing with other colors but its not bad if you are used to it,
Like others have said about the flinching , it is annoying but people can live with it if you try not to get shot by going out of its bullet directory and just timing it right to get close to the target before they have time to make you flinch from afar,

I think we should have at least some health after our shields deplete as it’s too fast at times that players die too easily because their in the middle of battle and have no chance to fight unless they run somewhere and stay out of battle for their shields to recharge,

I love the respawn timer, It’s fast enough for fast battles but my only gripe is make the score cap higher for the matches to last a little longer and we all will have fun,
I almost advise that the frag grenades should have a shorter fuse as usually they blow up after the targeted player gets out of its blast radius even at times where the target never got hurt from it,

SniperRifles should have a lil nerf or something I’m not sure it just seems off as I can get alot of kills with it as I wait for someone to come into my sight and I think it should be a little easier to use at times, but not that easy if its going to ruin the gameplay,

I like the spartan team call-outs where teams know that the snipers available and team members call out if they get hit by friendlyfire in multiperson battles,

The graphics are awesome for a beta, I just hope it’s even better on the full game and/or a lil better in the main beta than it is now for a little eyecandy while playing,

but I gotta admit that I can see with the flicking of the beta graphics at times seem to give me the idea of people with siezures are going off from it but maybe thats me and not a real issue,

and a note to 343i… please don’t screw up this game like how MCC has alot of problems, Halo is a childhood baby of mine as I grew up on Halo while visited my brother and played it at 12yrs to today and now I’m 25yrs old, Halo is precious to all of us players as its a historic game that made Xbox community great, I wish you luck and please work hard on it, Don’t make our 10yrs of halo a waste of a lifetime and MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone in the Xbox Community and 343i ! I hope people have fun on this beta and on the 29th to Jan 18th as much as I will!