my solution to forge (long read)

Hello everyone, I’d like to start right away by saying that I’ve finally gotten these forums to work on my computer and I’ll be posting here quite often. Anyways, here’s a summary of my solution to Forge, seeing as very few people here seem to have any idea as to how they are going to implement their ideas. Here’s a basic summary of what I’d want in Forge for Halo 4.

-A terrain editor
-Split Forge into two modes
-Multiple palettes
-Make every map Forge-able
-Raise the Budget
-Remove the item cap

Everyone seems to want this, but what no one seems to realize is that the beauty of Forge lies in it’s simplicity, so we need to think of a systematically effective way of implementing a terrain editor that we will only be able to work with using two thumbsticks. I’m sure you’ve all already seen this video, but the fact remains that that map editors scenic editing is probably about as good as a terrain editor is going to get on the 360. The main terrain editor changes I would make is that I’d propose a tunneling tool, in which players have the ability to tunnel in any direction they are facing, as well as an “Add noise” option. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it pretty much just makes the terrain bumpier and more… terrain-ish. Now, the main drawback of the Far Cry map editor is that any scenery that you want to place is a selection of static meshes, and even though they overcome that by making thousands of objects to choose from, this system would not work well in a Halo game’s Forge mode. And on that note, let’s go on to my second topic which is:
As I stated in the last part of my post, the Far Cry 2 map editor is about as good as scenic editing is going to get on the 360, however, the map editing system would not work in a Halo game. That and many other reasons are why I’m suggesting we have a split Forge, one for scenic editing and one for structural edits. The scenic editor would include things like the map editor and static meshes like trees, bushes, and other things along these lines. The structural system would be much like the one we have now, with phasing objects and other things along these lines. A quick side note, we need to have dynamic shadows in Halo 4, Reach’s and 3’s lighting systems were pretty broken what with the random black pieces and other visual oddities. You would be able to switch between Scenic and Structural editing from the pause menu for easy access if you need to change anything in either mode without having to end the game.
This would be so incredibly useful in increasing the longevity of the game, just by making the maps have more options aesthetically than only sandy, or all gray scale. Much like the option screen in Reach where you choose from “Weapons, Spawning, Vehicles, Scenery, Structure, etc.” You would hit “X” and choose your palette, which would take you to a new page similar to the one I described. Also, ADD LOT’S OF ITEMS THAT REACT TO US, ie. Pallets, crates, Forklifts, etc.
Probably the most straight forward of all of my points, just make every map have the ability to make good maps on it, they don’t necessarily have to be good for it, just give us the opportunity by putting objects that we can phase and things of that nature so that we can try if we want to.
Not many people here seem to know what the budget is for, so I’ll explain it for you. The main function of the budget is to keep you from exceeding what can run well on the Xbox, however, the total item cap and individual item cap already do this, making the Budget very redundant.
Unfortunately we have to choose between budget and item cap, because the maximum object limit is not low enough for certain things like explosives and vehicles, which is why I’d like to propose that we only have an individual item cap on things like vehicles and explosives, because it’s fairly obvious that the game can handle 600 blocks and still have the entire budget, just look at all of those modded maps out there!

Anyways, thank you guys for reading. If there’s anything I left out, let me know. Oh, and before you guys start saying “WE WANT SCARABS AND PELICANS AND PHANTOMS!” No, you can’t have them. It just won’t work. Sorry.

Terrain editor would never work because you’re essentialy creating a new map everytime that you change the terrain and the hardware would freak out.

Firstly, cool idea.
But… the cap needs to be there, or overuse of items will cause the map to be unplayable. And Forge should not be split, nor should it have its own disk, Forge is a PART of Halo, it isn’t what MAKES Halo, and so putting effort like this into Forge is unreasonable