My Site!

Hello Halo community! I wanted to share something with all of you, and that is I run a site that, until it’s released, is just Halo CEA News, afterwords it’ll be anything Halo related! check it out @
Go give it a look, any criticism is welcome!


I’d recommend an About and Contact blurb, either in page form or on the sidebar. Otherwise, you’re off to a great start!

I like the comparision shots lets you see how much the graphics have changed the game, it will be something good to see when the game comes out. Pretty good site

Well, thank you, but like it says in the post, it wasnt me it was The Alpha ELite from the forums. But thank you for the compliment.


I like it!

Thank you guys, @ bs angel, i did as you suggested!

i hate doing this but i want to ask the community a question… I’m changing the URL of my site from to halo, any ideas on what it should be?

EDIT: Nevermind! I got to thinking about 343 guilty spark and Installation 04 and I put them together! Welcome to! If you dont like it let me know and give me a suggestion and I might change it!

Great name! Should get lots of hits from with that new name too

What about
I’ve not checked their availability on blogspot, but I’ll bookmark your site when you’ve decided 100% on it’s name. Just be warned It gets time consuming though if you’re updating daily. I’ve a little film blog cultdb.blogspot that I’ve not touched for a good few months, summer is too easy to lay off caring about it.

Well, I really think I’m gonna stick with Installation 343, it just has a nice ring to it, hahaha, get it? Ring? Halo? HA, man im so friggin funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it!!

In regard to the comparison screenshots… I didn’t realise HD was so slimming! xD

Why aint your site working it says page not found O_o

s not the same URL as in the OP, its the second one further down