My "simple and clean" playlist idea.

Quick list:

  • Slayer (possibly adding new modes i.e. VIP) - Free For All (now featuring Slayer, Oddball, KotH) - SWAT (possibly adding some OBJ modes i.e. CTF, Strongholds) - Breakout - Big Team (featuring Slayer, Strongholds, and more. Wouldn’t mind seeing multiple teams) - Strongholds - CTF (featuring 1 flag and 2 flags) - Oddball (featuring normal Oddball and Richochet) - King of the Hill - Action Sack Unranked (featuring Grifball, Rocket Race, Dodgeball, Soccer, and more) - Infection Unranked (featuring modes that include no radar, minor power weapons, low shields for the Infected, and very fast infected players to make things more fair)Other temporary modes will be added based on feedback and voting. Also, I didn’t suggest social/ranked versions of the same modes like others did. Doing so would result in a huge disparity in terms of the populations between them. What’s the point of a ranked slayer when 95% are going to play the social version instead? In other words, keep it simple, keep the populations high, and keep the variety.