My saved Bookmarks are not loading in on pc halo infinite ms store

I bookmarked a lot of maps from youtube and searching the community file brower, but they do not show up on the game Halo Infinite when selecting maps in custom games. I know i have them marked from my profile on halowaypoint “this is the same account”. It frustrating because i want to play custom games on them.


I have the same issue, when I come to this site I see all my bookmarks, but when turn on Xbox, nothing bookmarks appart from prefabs,it’s really annoying, only way round it is to go into forge mode on the map and save it, just remember it’s not actually your map lol as will then save under your name, I hope they fix this bug soon


I curated close to 20 pages of bookmarks and host custom lobbies every daily. Suddenly a couple days ago, my bookmarked maps stopped showing up as well. The bookmarks are still there when I find maps I had saved, and when I check waypoint it says there’s 194 but it will only load the first 10 or so and not the rest. Very frustrating because it’s such a chore playing customs now because I have to hunt down each map (search function is also broken) and I also have so many maps that it’s hard to remember the names without them in front of me :disappointed:


yeah I noticed prefab bookmarks are broken or there is a hard limit on how many you can have. I only either seem to be able to get around 30 to show up in the prefab list. You have to delete ones to get new ones to show up. Very annoying

Same issue, cant browse past the 1st page.

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There is a bug where when someone deletes an asset you have bookmarked, none of your bookmarks show up in the client. The workaround is to go to Halo Waypoint and find and remove the bookmark of the deleted asset.


Dealing with same thoughts :pensive:

I’ve had the same issue and had a ticket with the support team since November. It’s clear that this is a problem and they have no idea how to fix it

Even on Halo Waypoint, when I check my bookmarks, it says “Showing 127 results”, but only 13 bookmarks actually show up.

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I guess im also having this issue because my bookmarks are not loading. But I cant figure out which bookmark it is because waypoint only lets me see the 1st page. This really sucks.