My review of Halo 5

This is my review of the Halo 5 beta, keep in mind these are my personal opinions ,enjoy.

Spartan Abilities: I think that spartan abilities are a great addition to the Halo franchise. Adds new movement and skill to the game, however i feel that the cooldown is a tiny-bit slow because when im in a tight situation and get killed is usually because my thruster pack is in cooldown. And also some the spartan abilities are practically useless like Slide for example, no one really uses it and it seems high unnecessary.

Smart-scope: (NOTE: I know that smart-scope counts as a ability)

“Hip fire is accurate, same as it ever was” -Frank O’ Conner

True, but there is no point firing from the hip anymore with the new ‘smart scope’ and default control scheme. As you all may know, smart-scope increases your range and your spread, which shouldn’t happen. Smart-scope should be effective as hip-firing and not when you can make your assault rifle into a rapid-fire sniper.

Weapon Tuning: Some weapons in the beta are too strong, for example the SMG, a small portion of your clip and kill someone, and that fact that smart scope increases your range and spread doesn’t help the case. And the default spawning weapon the assault rifle is way to strong for a “spawning weapon”. I not saying the gun should be a pea-shooter, but come on! Getting killed across the map by an assault rifle, Really?

Teamwork and Map control: This game fails to accomplish both of those things. The teamwork is faltered to horrible team-scrambling to where it puts all the Gold and Up players on one team, and all the bronze and iron one the other. And Map “control” is simply a camp-fest where one team stays at the weapon spawn until it drops and then murders the other team constantly. And again, the awful team-scrambling doesn’t help out those who are somewhat good at this game when the have incompetent players on their team giving out practically free points to the other.

Ranking- CSR (Or Competitive Skill Ranking) is ranked upon Wins/Losses, so…where does the skill take part in this? Just simply winning doesn’t mean your a ‘Gold’ or ‘Semi-Pro’ player, that just means you won alot. And also the penalty for losing matches is outrageous, you get a 14% decrease when you lose but only a 4% increase when you win? Is this a joke?

Final Verdict:


This game is a joy to play, the best Halo game since Halo 2, however it does need some tweaking to become a 10/10 game.