My Review Halo 5 Beta (Arena multiplayer) (Great)

Here’s why this Halo 5 Beta is Great. Out of Bad,okay, and Excellent.

HALO 5 Multiplayer Arena is a Great change on multiplayer. IT STANDS OUT, than any of the halos out there. The abilities is Absolutely the best, because A Spartan should be this beast able run and not get tired. He should be able to stay in constant speed, and clamber up on places, and quickly dodge side to side. Without the thruster or any of the abilities added to the Spartan it would limit this armored beast. Spartans should never be limited and I absolutely love the approach 343 is doing with Halo 5.

Weapons - (Swords) the only problem I had was the bane or the energy sword maybe kinda bright? Maybe adding a smooth slightly and slow pulse will help ease into my screen to see better.just a suggestion. (not a low and bright(as is) but a bright and some kind of slow pulse like an energy traveling up the sword from end to end)

(grenades) I know the grenades suppose to be powerful but I feel there is something slightly wrong sometimes the radius blast is over powered and I died different times by the position of the way the grenades landed near me but just take look into it please and it could be very well perfected, I’m sure others agree.

Kill Cams- This should be a option I love kill cams but it would be sweet to switch it on it off once in awhile. Having both options will make everyone happy. Leaving the kill cam on by (DEFAULT) and having the option to turn it off if you please should be what the full game should ship with.
-also the kill cam is way off at times.

-Maps are great and gives me opportunities to use the abilities.
-I love the risk the the ground pound ability gives in battle
-breakout is amazing nothing wrong with it for what I know.
-slayer is slayer. BR or ar at start plays diff role and don’t see anything wrong.
-health on breakout is also great. It’s very much fair. I hope there’s a 5v5 breakout just for fun.
-the Spartans look bad -Yoink-, I hope there’s a lot of different looks.(Armors Helmets ECT…)

-Ranking .
seems fine i wish I understood it more maybe in the full game give us a notification or something that pops up so we read and gives us an explanation on how is it based on kills pr death, wins or loss ECT… Or anything that teaches me how it works thoroughly or what ever. The 10 Matchs before being placed in rank is awesome and I love being some what surprised to what I’m rank into. Maybe a big pop up after the last match showing the rank you got ranked into. Before showing stats. I love it btw if its like seasons. From what I heard of.

Well the reason halo 5 beta is not excellent is because the matchmaking is kinda a wrok in progress still, but this is why we beta testing, and the issues I had up there and because the full game is not out still lol Amazing job 343, for keeping it still halo and not only looking like halo but really feeling like halo the balance is there keep working hard. The product is there, so deliver it when the full game comes out ;).

PS: I Really wish you added different celebration animation at the End OF each match either based on who gets the highest kill, or the most medals or something along that. Would really be rewarding. Having lets say 10 different kinds of celebration. Would really help people look forward towards the end of the match. For example. Like GTA v, or farcry3.

Celebration 1, The one that’s in game right now Spartan opens hand while the others in the back pounds there hands
Celebration 2, Spartans gather around puts there fist in the middle and shows that there a team and equal. Something like that.
celebration 3, Spartan lays down and one tea bags while others laugh and claps. ( made me giggle while writing this one lol )
Celebration 4. One Spartan kinda jogs across and giving high fives or low fives to everyone and turns around at the far right. Something along the lines.
Celebration 5, Spartans chest bumping this would be sweet because with hopefully a grifball match these celebrations are absolutely enjoyable to watch at end match.
Celebration 6, every Spartan bows down. Like a wave
Celebration 7, They salute like Soldier they are and shows some type of Resect.
Celebration 8, like the ones when you win with 3 players in a match I noticed they jump up alot and happy well that would be nice if everyone does it… Imagine in a big team battle where everyone does the same… Wouldn’t that be awesome to watch?
Celebration 9, everyone clapping or hugging the top guy.
Celebration 10 there’s more and more ideas like everyone sits down and has the kind of "what a match vibe " or a close one. Or heck even just relax no worries celebration. Just flat out relax that match was no biggie lol

Now I know I kind of went all out here but if this was added this could also be rewarding by unlocking it with the armors and such, halo 5 is looking to be fun game, with its serious side I think it needs its laughter to keep that happiness going after the match its over .

once again thanks 343 (hopefully you read this. Especially the celebrations I know you can do it :slight_smile: and looking forward to launch. (Edit sorry it looks flat and not very well done I wrote this on my phone, and its rather hard on this windows phone cause I couldn’t see what I was writing half the time)

If anyone doesn’t like reading I hope you read the celebration ideas, hopefully you would like and spread the word so 343 can take a look at it. I’m just a voice that wants to be at least heard so they can at least think about the idea.