My response to the Season 1 Outcomes Report

Putting aside the fact that this is about 3months late. I approve of almost everything and think it’s going in the right direction. However:

  • Maps and Modes need to be drastically increased. All missing modes need to be implemented asap, do not stagger content especially when it’s legacy content that should’ve been there from the start. 1 BTB map and 1 Arena map simply is not good enough, period. At minimum there should be 4 new maps every 3months.

  • Lack of progression. I’m astounded by the detrimental lacking of progression and the fact it still isn’t addressed. This needs to be great and urgently implemented.

  • Lack of server region selection. Wake up. Get it done. I was dismayed to hear you guys still aren’t totally convinced it’s necessary, it is 100% necessary.

Beyond that I’m pleased with what was said. You seem to understand how you’ve gimped your game. I’ll wait and see how Season 2 goes but as of now I’m thinking I’ll have to wait until Season 3 or 4 for it to be worth reinstalling.

I completely agree. The Lack of server Region Selection kills it for me. One in 5 matches, it selects Seattle for me which gives me playable games at 25 ms ping times. The other 4 games it decides that the closest Server to me is in Amsterdam with ping times of 250 ms. . Like you, maybe in Season 4 (or possibly Halo 6), I’ll see if it’s worth me downloading the game again on my Xbox.

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