My response/feedback regarding community update and Season 2

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

thumbs up that’s more like it guys.

  • The 2 maps look really promising, obviously not enough content as Joe said but I feel forgiving now that I know we aren’t hopelessly trudging through a void aimlessly and things are going to ramp up, improve and resolve.

  • Thanks for the added customization to the outlines. I’ve been wanting to turn them off on enemies and exaggerate them for teammates for a while so I appreciate that.

  • I think you’re overdoing talking about how you guys need a healthy work life balance.

  • I looooove the Season 2 content looks really awesome. And earnable credits and shift to cross core is a relief.

  • I want to be reassured that “additional palettes” will be free. Forge must not be monetized in any way.

  • Female Spartan bodies should be a thing again. Literally thought the character in the cinematic was a dude before she spoke.

So yeah, things much better than they seemed. I’m going to start making some plans for Forge which I’m going to really dive into pretty seriously as I want to churn out content that’s hopefully implemented into matchmaking.

P.S. Watch the 2002 film ‘Adaptation’ it’s hilarious. Might be a fun one to watch with coworkers especially if spirits need lifting.

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