My REQ stations don't work

In any warzone game type, I can only access REQs when I die and waiting to respawn. But I cannot interact with physical REQ stations, when I press X nothing happens. It only refills my ammo. So if I want REQs I have to wait to die or commit suicide. All other players are still able to access them. How do I fix this?

Now that’s a weird thing. Have you reset your router or hard power down your Xbox? Holding the power button until it powers ofr

I had that happen before and I think it was a JIP game. It’s probably just some kind of server issue since they worked when I played in the next game.

If it happened in only one match, then it’s not a problem since this happens sometimes.

I tried full shutdown but it’s still like this. It happens in all my warzone matches for weeks now.

Yeah it’s happened to me as well I can’t open the req station in War-zone at all it’s been 2 weeks going on it 3 week that this glitch has been happening, so is there anyway to fix this with out uninstalling and reinstalling the game?