my reasoning for a br change if it comes back

says its a 2 on one in halo CE. you kill one and then you kill the other

2 on 1 in halo 3. you kill one maybe both if ur lucky and they suck

thats why ce <3<3 just more fun for doing those types of things. yea team work is cool and its mostly in ctf games in halo 1 but man. br is for sure competetive and team work worthy but this is talking on a fun factor. hopefully we get a game mode in halo 4 with halo 1 style weapon

so if it does come back my change would give it a really tight burst so its almost like single shot and fire faster then halo 3 br

hey, good ider!

I hope they have a weapon as good as the Halo CE pistol. But even though the BR isn’t as good as the Ce Pistol it is better than the DMR.