My really long Negativity feedback about and request major changes of these as well address these issues 343 if you really care about halo infinite and your community

So I’m pretty boiled up of lots of Negativity in the mostly to the PvP side in matchmaking matches and a certain mode as well of general gameplay mechanic and the silence of a road map.

So to start off first is the very heat issue that been in halo since 2001 “Spawn Camping” 343 you got the tools to fix that issue and bungie did a very better job of this in Destiny 1 and 2 and that was putting players that respond invincible for at least a few seconds to prevent players camping the spawns on purpose.

The next section of multiplayer that I have address before and you guys at 343 did not acknowledge it or address it, and that being the crappy precision function from halo 5 multiplayer being in infinite instead of using halo 4 or old school zoom. Which What I mean by the crappy halo 5 zoom feature for multiplayer was if you were using smart link weapon that had no precision scopes you don’t get kick out of zoom, but how ever if you are using a precision weapon and get shot and hit at it kicks you out of the zoom. Compare to YOUR OFFICIAL FIRST GAME made BY 343 of Halo 4, which there was no weapons other that the magnum and the rocket having Smart link zoom and all the precision weapons in that game on the multiplayer side you didn’t get kick out of zoom at all when you get hit by a weapon fire. In old school halo being CE to Reach you -Yoink!- kick out of every zoom possible when you got hit no exceptions.

The motion tracker/Radar/Combat sensor in infinite needs to be change of the 18 meter bs to either Halo CE meter range 15 meters, or the traditional style of 25 meter, and it pains me to say it but your 18 meters can’t detect the distance as 18 meters is 19 yards looking at a football field, so that motion tracker should of been detecting that far.

Now Swat mode on a couple certain weapons I’m gonna draw hate and flames on. The first weapon is the commado and I really hate how it suppose to be a automatic heavy precision rifle, so if it a heavy rifle precision auto weapon it shouldn’t be firing in full fast speed like if it an assault rifle as it should be firing slower especially if it has heavy hit in the bullets from it. You should look at destiny as they have some variants for auto rifle aka assault rifles being like lightweight frame that meant for fast firing with not really heavy bullet damage, and they have heavy frame being for slow fired auto rifles or assault rifles that have heavy damage in the bullets but slow fire rate.
Now the second weapon I going ballistic on is the Stalker rifle, the game consider it as a sniper rifle cause of the two time zoom and a medal known as “Sharpshooter” Kill X amount of enemies with a sniper rifle. Did you guys really forget this 343? Sniper rifles DO NOT BELONG IN SWAT/ Tactical Slayer. They are only Suppose to be in SNIPERS ONLY.

Now my last negativity is that you guys at 343 are KEEPING tons of information quiet and Not making post bout the heated topics LIKE THIS ONE and the fact that we have NO ROADMAP SHOWN and it almost the end of season 1 with like less than 2 months pretty a month left till season 2. Which we was suppose to get a roadmap in January and you were all hype for it but then cancel and never said anything bout it again. Honestly Bethesda Recently drop a yearly road map but the 4 season style and I can’t wait to try there new content that gonna be on the fall in fallout 76.

I have always share positive bout infinite and drop some interesting feedback Ideas, but since you keep ignoring these issues and I don’t even know if you guys at 343 are looking at these feedback actually a hundred percent. Cause I am not and I bet you been asking why you are losing alot of people on infinite on Both Steam and Xbox, this is why. Also I will be making two comparison videos this week on both every motion tracker off MCC, 5 and infinite as well of the weapon zooms and what happens when you get hit.

And I’m pretty sure alot of player whether they are new/rookie or old/veteran halo players will Agree that these are some big known issues but feel like you 343 are turning A BLIND EYE ON PURPOSE. As I love mixed mostly old with new but you guys haven’t been addressing before when we was in the flights for infinite showing topics of certain feedback.


That’s a lot of views you got there :eyes:

We fought a lost battle in a war against us. Halo has been done for a long time. We need to move on to the new age of gaming


The majority of Halo players want it so you are kicked out of zoom when shot. Halo 4 was the first game not to do this and most people didn’t like it, including myself. Halo 4 played like COD. I hated 4. I don’t want COD mechanics in Halo. I play Halo, for Halo. This feature is to help counter precision weapons. Otherwise, they become super dominant.

Your other points, spawns sometimes suck, agree. It’s kind of stuff should be fixed when maps are being tested. Sometimes they’re not very noticeable but other times it’s really noticeable and makes you wonder how it even got passed any of the testers.

The radar in Infinite is terrible, I agree and most do as well.

SWAT… I mean tactical slayer :roll_eyes: I don’t really play it because I hate it lol doesn’t feel like Halo to me so I don’t play it :laughing:

343 should definitely have some type of roadmap or at least a rough idea or something. I agree and the majority of people I think also agree on that.

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Well with the zoom part I rather have like either halo 4 style or the old school style of CE, 2, 3, and Reach of you got kick out of zoom regardless of when you got hit. As I was not a big fan of Halo 5 zoom Feature of having non scope/reflex sight weapons not get kick out of zoom when shot but the ones that have a scope or reflex sight does.

I would least like one or the other, but not halo 5 zoom mechanics of when getting hit.

Has any game tried a second or two of invis?

Just enough time to get your bearings and start moving in a direction.

That way any spawn camper wouldn’t know exactly where you will appear. You would have a different spot, direction, and speed each time.

Sorry. You should get kicked EVERY time.

I actually like the direction they took. Each weapon changed up the dynamic a bit.

But while it was a fun diversion I’m not sure they all should be in a permanent play list.

The core list should be BR only.

Yep. They need to be way more open. The recent blog stuff has been great. But we need more.

And if, as it appears, they are putting everything in the gun barrel for S2 - then just come out and say it.

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Well I didn’t mind the Sidekick and mangler in swat as it was fun lol. Also can’t wait for season 2 and see what 343 does, as I do like the new armor core looking like half inspired by doom marine from 2016 and Starship troopers armor from Starship troopers invasion and Traitor of mars Animate movies.

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The sidekick allowed some movement at mid to long range. It wasn’t all about peeking around corners. It was a bit spammy for SWAT - but I enjoyed the change of pace.

The mangler was very cool. The slower bullet allowed you to jump or crouch to avoid the head shots. This made for some very interesting fire fights.

The commando was one of my favourites. The recoil didn’t affect anything and it kind of felt like DMR swat.

And the Stalker Rifle left tell tale bullet trails that gave up your position from afar. You could clearly see who was shooting at your team-mates.

Full kudos for trying something new.