My Reach Luck

I’ve decided I would share some of my striking luck when it comes to Reach.

I was playing Territories on Breakneck, right? I had been cR capped about an hour prior to this particular game. I completed the Weekly Challenge so naturally I’m not going to get paid for my efforts. Whatever, I’m an Inheritor, I do not need the Credits.

I land a nice 77 kills this game (77-6) and at the game’s end noticed I got paid 15,000 cR. I was wondering what exactly this was and apparently I hit the Credit jackpot.

After that pleasant surprise I decided to check my Service Record and realize my Matchmaking K/D ratio is 3.43.

This is more than a coincidence. Clearly. Undeniable.

Thank you for the jackpot, Three-Four-Three.

so this is where you hang up your controller right? go out with a bang and stuff?

well done! :slight_smile: