My raw thoughts about the progression system in Halo Infinite

My personal experience is that I will do very well in a game by getting so many kills, playing the OBJ, and getting medals, but when the game ends I get absolutely nothing to show for it - no win/loss xp or performance xp - I lose interest and incentive to even play normally, or I just lose all incentive. I realized “what’s the point in even trying” while playing if these kills and medals don’t progress me in the battle pass? Instead, I have to do busy work tasks such as “save an ally from an enemy from far range” or get a certain amount of kills with a specific gun/vehicle - this -Yoink!- sucks.

My friendgroup and I figured this out early on, and we all instead focused on our challenges instead of playing the game normally (OBJ play). A few people would play the OBJ, and we just ended up camping or looking for weapon/vehicle spawns. I’ve played around 50 multiplayer games so far, and have nearly completed all the weekly challenges, and I’m ONLY LEVEL 6 in the battlepass! ALSO, the weekly challenge ultimate unlock is a visor for the armor core I’m not using! - why are visors and coatings even locked to different armor cores in the first place? they can’t clip like actual armor pieces. I want these for the Reach armors, especially since this is the Reach season.

Despite the terrible progression system, which is probably the worst I’ve ever seen in a online video game, the game itself is very fun and great, just wish there were more than 3 BTB maps at launch.

Also, to anyone that doesn’t care and just says “play the game for fun” - People do play for fun! its just that our brains like that dopamine hit when we are fairly progressing in the game we like.

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