My rant about every complaint I have with the game... So far

This is mostly for me to vent but I’d love to hear people’s takes on any of these topics, and I know a few of these they won’t change but I just need to get it off my chest, and you’re fine to disagree but please try and see it from other people point of view rather than just saying they’re plain wrong. Heck, why not add your own complains and gripes to this thread?

Come on 343! There’s less basic colours in this than there were in the tech tests. I can’t even have my basic pink which I’ve been running since 2. And some of these higher tier coatings suck! Lvl 100 and you get a grey with blue lights. Wow~ -_- You start off with a damn grey! Seriously, you invented coatings to be creative, so get to it, otherwise, give us back our colour options.

The flag really should be a one hit kill, there’s literally no defencive options when carrying it. You can’t flag juggle to go faster, you’re slow as hell, you can’t one hit KO, everyone knows where you are. It’s pretty much pointless trying to solo a flag run unless you’re lucky.

The aiming on controller is just messed up. Why did you prat about with it in the first place? It’s been fine for 20 years and now it’s just toss. It’s like aim assist can’t decide if it wants to work, not, or aim at the wrong guy.

These challenges need to be more open, otherwise everyone is just going to camp certain weapons and vehicles or do things which are generally not aimed at helping the team win. Just have basic ones like win matches, gametypes, certain k/d, so many headshot, so many assists, pretty much what you already do for MCCs dailies with tokens.

What’s the point in the coating system if it’s covered it HUD goo? I get you want to have better player expression with he coatings, but you can’t see teammates or enemies besides in the intro and outro screens. And creating coatings in the first place just gives players less expression! Everyone looks the damn same! You an say people will look different later in the games lifespan, but day one on any other Halo, everyone looked different just on colours alone!

You can barely tell any difference with the body types. You get a thinner waist and that’s it. Heck, 1 and 3 are the exact same to my eye. It’s like we’ve gone back to Halo 3 where it’s literally just a voice change. I’d rather go back to Reach, at least in that game I can tell at a glance between the bodies.

Personal preference but I hate being able to control the warthog whilst in mid air, it stops punishing reckless and bad drivers, and it’s ruins the bit of chaos that it brought.

Please give the plasma pistol back it’s disable vehicle ability, it’s kinda useless now, I’d rather just shoot the target with an AR and have a better backup weapon than that thing. And change the electric weapons so rather than then disabling vehicles, they’re just really good at killing occupants and not damaging the vehicle.

The drop wall is literally useless. It’s stops pretty much nothing, you should have just stuck with the bubble shield, at least that’s a neutral equipment.

Please changed ranked to MLG/eSports/HCS and make ranked just social but more competitive. So have the same settings as social just more competitive gametypes and maps.

I hope there’s more content in the full multiplayer and this isn’t just the full game needing a few tweaks. There’s barely any maps, I feel like there’s less guns, less armours, less colours, less everything.

Please combine the shoulders in the pass rather than seperating them. It’s like you’re just filling up space for boosting the pass with pointlessness.

I don’t know how you decide on a rank for players, whether it’s wins, k/d etc, (I’m one away), but could it not be based on wins and more on how you do within the game. Whether it be if you got more objective points, kills, k/d or what I’d suggest would be where you placed in score compared to the entire player count. So if you came topf of your team but lost and even made it to 2nd best player in the game, you still get a positive mark.
Update: finished with 8 loses and 2 wins, and still got Platinum 3 so this may not be an issue.

I really feel like the commando is useless with the bloom. It’s a full auto but can’t hit anything when held down. It’s a full auto that needs to be fired like a BR or DMR. Maybe it’s different on mouse but I have an easier time getting kills with he BR and AR than the commando. And why give the commando bloom and not the BR of all guns?

I think the bulldog needs a little bit of a buff. It’s supposed to be quicker than an AR at close range but I feel like you’re more likely to get the kill with the AR. Also, the shotgun is supposed to be the sword’s counter, but there nothing to counter it besides distance now.

Please add Jeff back into BTB, even if it’s just for medal announcements.

I love the idea you came up with for vehicle deployments, but it takes so long to get anything good like a banshee or scorpion. It was a lot better when the team’s just started with all the vehicles. You could combine the two and have them resupplied via pelicans but you start off with everything.

What’s with the armour package things where you can look like noble teams etc? We used to be able to do that ourselves. Is it really just a big money grabbing scheme?

With all these options taken away from us, I’d rather pay for the multiplayer like before, or heck, go back to dlc maps and expansions.

I do hope we get past weapons, vehicle and maps in future seasons.

Please add a free way to get currency for the pass or other cosmetics.

I’ve sort of gotten used to it by now but I still hate the HUD. It was better having everything in its own corner. You knew which corner has what so it was an easy quick glance, not it’s a state to the bottom right and trying to read it in a quick manner.

I still this the highlight system is a bit wonky. Sometimes I can see people from miles away that I wouldn’t be able to normally, and sometimes they’re right next to me and look friendly. Doesn’t help when someone has a coating the same colour as my teammate highlight colour, or when a friendly has the enemy highlight colour as their coating.

That’s all for now. I may think of more but I’m tired and off to sleep. It’s also why they’re not in any concise order. Anyway, hotel whoever reads this get a laugh, is willing to discuss or even add on their own thoughts.

Day 1 Edits
You can’t rotate the camera when spectating and you’re dead and the camera is a little too low. It’s like hip height.

You already want £100 for everything in the shop and it’s day one. This is worse than Dead or Alive and it’s costume problem.

It’s cheaper to get multiple 500 credits than each tier. Yeah it’s 1p but why is that?

You removed the skins that were in the tech tests. I loved my pure white guns. I didn’t expect to keep them but they should at least be in the game.

Half the pass is bloated with xp boosts and challenge swaps. I’d rather have a pass to 50 and less of these.

The plasma pistol feels like it has no tracking. I’ve never been hit by the thing.

Vehicles feel like paper, especially aircraft. I love that they have their own health, but what about a sort of fake shield system, where you can take so much consistant damage before it does permanent damage like regular shields and health?

The end scoreboard is pointless, can you even see any stats?

Kinda annoyed you get nothing for the Halo controller or Halo console to show off in game. Correct me if I’m wrong on this please.

I feel like the sidekick us pointless. It’s quicker to just reload than pull out that thing. It’s just hard to shoot on controller. And why is it a wall item on maps?

Remove regular frag grenades from maps. We already start with some and can pick those up off bodies. Change them to plasma or another type.

Weapons on dead players seem to disappear really fast. I go to my body and they’re all gone and I’m sure they’re not picked up.

Friendly fire and collision should be on as standard. Friendly fire makes players be more careful with grenades and rockets, and collision encourages spacial awareness and stops players phasing through eachother when taking fire.

The motion tracker needs to be upped. It feels like 5 feet, not 15. It feels way too short.

You can’t tell, especially on BTB, where weapon drops are or where vehicle drops are going to be. I find myself running around looking into the sky just following a pelican coming in.

You shouldn’t be able to get out your vehicle when boarded. Otherwise boarding a tank won’t even get you a kill.

The oddball should be a one hit kill. Same reasons as the flag.

I think the grappleshot target iceon needs to be bigger. The yellow X is so hard to see.

Not being able to check challenges in the pause menu whilst in a game.

The Spartan announcer in BTB has no presence. She doesn’t sound like authority at all. She’s way too soft spoken. I know I wouldn’t follow her into battle.

Remove the sniper glint! It’s not hard to find a sniper in Halo what with the bullet trail, and now you can’t even stealth shoot as you’re shining the sun at everyone.

The sniper shoots way too slow, it feels like twice as slow as previous incarnations.

You can’t noscope as the bullet can travel anywhere in the reticle rather than where you actually aim. Apparently that’s how Halo 2 did it and every other sniper shoots the same spot whether you’re zoomed in or scoped.

Bring back multi teams. This is a big reason why the HUD goo doesn’t work. You gonna have a HUD colour for 8 teams? You can’t even play games like rocket race or any other multi team gamemode.

This may change after the beta, but where’s all the fun gamemmodes? SWAT, Grifball, zombies, race and so much more?

You can’t get the challenge for killing someone with the M247, so there’s a glitch.

Being able to equipment armours and coatings from the season pass menu or when you unlock them should be a thing.

Why can’t I check other menus once I select search? Why do I have to wait until the countdown is done?

Why can’t you deploy multiple covers? It’s weak as it is.

Please bring back when flag is away you can’t score.

When you join a game as a squad you can get put in seperate squads.

Why the hell are armour pieces only avaible with certain cores? Is it so you can sell the same one for a different core? Or maybe just to pad out another season pass? What if I want an ODST helmet on the samurai set?


You pretty much covered everything. I’m quickly becoming convinced that this is the final product as far as multiplayer is concerned and they just slapped BETA on it to use as an excuse for any criticism that comes their way. I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if the only thing separating this from the official full release is a couple of maps.


Added a bit more and will probably keep adding.
Changed the name of the thread to fit the bigger picture.

i won’t be buying jack from the store. i never do.


I share some of your complaints, especially about the HUD and customization.


:100: Agreed, the ttk is way to high, and most the weapons feel useless. I’ve been playing halo since ce first launched and so far this feels nothing like halo. Also where’s the charm And glitches that define what makes halo so much fun? This multiplayer feels like every other shooter on the market. If I fire up mcc it feels like halo. This needs work. No player collision is idiotic. And the warthog has the hit points of a piece of cardboard. What were the tech tests for If they didn’t bother to fix any of the issues? @343industries this is the first halo multiplayer I genuinely don’t care for, think I’ll stick to the master chief collection. You know it’s bad when destiny does halo multiplayer better than halo infinite.


Only disagreements I have with your are I think the TTK is perfect,l for most guns, it’s kinda one of the few things that is, and I’m glad there are no glitches so far, kinda means it’s a polished game. I bet someone will find some soon though.


Of course this is a full release
In what beta have you ever earned achivements in before?
They’ve said that any progress towards your battle pass will carry over to “final release” and as far as I know its an open ended beta with no end time
the “end time” I suspect will be Dec 7th


Ok. That’s the end of the day and more points added to my rant. Not sure how many more I can add. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having fun, but these add up and put the game down. If you wanna check the extra points I put a stamp of Day 1 Edits. Hopefully this acts as a catalogue of things (IMO) that are wrong with the game. Once again, feel free to comment, add or give your own points.

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The rank system works like Halo 5, the first 7/8 games of the placement just take your skill during those games into account, they don’t take the win/loss into account. The last 2/3 placement games and all the games after placement just take the win/loss into account.

Jeff will be added to BTB, they already confirmed that last week.

Pistol is really fast to draw, don’t know why you feel it isn’t.

Your rant on the Flag point is wrong, it is false what you said. You can only score if you have your flag in your base it even says with big letters on the screen when your flag is taken away that you can’t score until you recover your flag, don’t know where you saw otherwise but it is not true at all.

The rest of the rant is spot on.

I’d like to say I agree with everything here, as a Halo player for the all of these past 20 years, this game takes away everything that makes Halo … Halo. Assault rifles can shoot cross map and require headshots?, BRs are useless, flag and bomb melees aren’t one hit kills. Radar is pointless… No Collison or friendly fire. This “sandbox” feels like its full of too many toys and cigarettes’ butts. In lieu of constraint and fine tuning they just added anything they can think of. The amount of guns is nuts, garbage maulers, shotguns, commandos, countless rifles.

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This is a good rant. Feels productive and I second everything except the vehicle fragility. I like being able to knock down ghosts more easily. When I get on a roll too, even a Wasp can get me running riot before fire erupts. It’s a new balance but again, I like that specific bit.

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I one hundred percent agree with everything. Like the core game play is fun and good but like what the hell were they thinking for six years what were they doing. They dropped the ball on a lot of other stuff that should have been no-brainers.

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I’ve got the opposite problem. I bought a heap of credits and didn’t like anything.


There is always next week…

Unfortunately, you are both incorrect. this game is not made as call of duty is. Beta’s are indeed Betas. 343 has shown time and time again they improve the game based upon their feedback. be patient, and remember this game is a 10 year platform and will not be perfect at launch.

You do know we’re not getting season 2 until May 2022 to right. 343 had what seven years to work on this game. Yeah it’s free to play. But Microsoft wants that microtransaction money that Apex and call of duty gets. But at least in those games you have other ways of unlocking skins and weapon skins. You literally load up halo infinite and any customizations locked behind a paywall that you literally have to grind 9 hours just to unlock pink. Or if you want to spend $20 on the color white. That it only works on a certain armored core. I have no doubt they’re going to try and fix it but if you remember Halo 5 it took them 7 months to give us infection. A literal game mode that if you kill somebody with a sword they join your team.

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Wow that is an extensive list.

Agree with a lot of your complaints. Probably not to the same degree. But ok.

I’m ok with colours going the way of funding the game. Everyone just wore black anyway. At least this way we will (eventually) get more options.

Does it matter if the flag and/or ball are one hit kills? Nobody should be getting close enough to find out.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have no problem with the aiming. It feel fine.

The challenges do seem a bit off point. I would have done something more along the line of Halo 5’s commendations. Accumulate kills / medals / assists etc. Have ones for wins / completed games. Keep things general and broad - eg. kill 20 enemies with electrical weapons.

Body types? I don’t get the fascination. Are they really going to build them to be individually form fitting. Surely they would be a more generic shape and then padded internally.

I like the PP is being nerfed. It has become way OP in the sandbox - guided noob shots, OS melting, vehicle stopping. It will good to pass off some it’s attributes to other (electrical) weapons.

Drop wall is cool. And probably better balanced - but I do miss the bubble shield. Hopefully it comes back for customs (with all the old weapons and vehicles etc).

With ranking - TrueSkill does take into account kills per minute. Your CSR still goes up or down with the win… but by how much is influenced.

I’m a bit worried about the stats. We need more. Happy to culture them and move away from toxic ones (eg. KD in objective games). But more is still better. Where is the API?

Undecided on collision - but friendly fire needs to return.

Sniper glint is fine. And really - if the sniper is any good (which I’m not) you won’t have time to do anything about it.

Multi-team is a must. And hoping that custom expands to give us more options (we need scripts and expanded traits).

dude agree with most of it here. This is probably the game im going to say pass on. Its trash and has many issues. Im sticking to mcc.


I noticed playing on my Xbox one that the outlines are way brighter and thicker then on my pc. Idk why that is but on pc I have no problem seeing armor colors.


In BTB the flag doesn’t have to be home. Sorry I forgot to specify that, my bad mate.