My Rank Idea

I propose to you, a new form of ranking system. This ranking system combines all of the current ranking systems into one massive one, so here it goes.

The 1-50 system everyone knows and loves, well almost everyone. Sure it had some flaws, but it was a great way to easily measure skill. It still needs some tweaking to be bulletproof, but in it’s current form, it’s nearly bullet resistant. Here’s how it would work.

Like normal, you will earn rank through ranked playlists. Every playlist now is ranked. That includes things like Lone Wolfs and Team Slayer, to Grifball and Living Dead. Just like it was before, if you had a 50 in Lone Wolfs, you wouldn’t have a fifty in SWAT. When your in the game lobby, it will be represented by number, just like Halo 2. Beside your name, it would show your rank number 1-50 in that playlist, and assign you players with similar ranks just like Halo 2/3. If you pull up the service card, it will show you all the playlists and that players ranks in them. 1-50 will pretty much be handled the same way as Halo 2/3.

Bronze, Silver, Gold
Now, there were some major faults with this system in Reach, but there are ways to fix it. Here’s how it would work in my mind.

After you get a 50 in a playlist, you will get assigned a Bronze, Silver, or Gold ranking based on how good you are with your team. (Win/Loss) Once you get a 50 in a playlist, the 50 will change colors. (Bronze/Silver/Gold) This will match you up with similar players. A team of 50 Golds will not be matched up with a team of 50 Bronze. They will however, be matched up with 50 Golds. That way you know you have good team players on each side.

Credit System
The credit system awarded you by how much you played. This I didn’t like. How I think the cR system should work, is listed below.

You would start out with a thousand credits per game as a recruit. 10 thousand as an Officer. And 100,000 as a General. (These would go up based on your rank.) If you do poorly in a round, say your team loses and you go -10 as a Recruit, that 1,000 will drop to a 250 or 300. If you do good, your team wins and you get a +10 K/D, it goes up to 1,500 or so. How much credits you get gives you an all-time rank that you can see next to your name, or in the Service Record. (Recruit, General, Field Marshall, Major, Admiral, etc.) This would have no impact on 1-50 rank, but it will affect how you get Armor Attachments. (Like UA/HUL, you have to buy Armor Attachments like Reach, but you have to unlock armor like Halo 3)

EXP System
Again, this wasn’t the best system, but it worked. Here’s my way it would be incorporated into the game.

For winning, you would get +1 EXP. For Losing, you’d get -1 EXP. For tying, you get 0 EXP. This EXP will add up to a playlist rank similar to Halo 3’s, where you could become a Sergeant in Social Slayer for instance. Say your a Captain and a Fifty Silver in Team Slayer, you would get matched up to other 50 Silvers with ranks very close to Captain. (Luitenant, Captain, Major) to get you the best skill match possible, adding to close, team oriented, gameplay.

Please leave a comment on if you like it, or how it can be improved. Of course it isn’t the best system, but it isn’t the worst either.

This solely based off of competitive gameplay, so if you play the campaign or firefight you dont get to rank up.

Try again. Matchmaking is no long the only part of this game.

I like your ideas but I don’t think 50 should be something easily achievable or achievable at all…

When it comes to matching players against each other i think Halo 2 does it best. While Reach is terrible at matching players, i think it’s great for people who like ranking up (getting to Captain, Lieutenant, General, etc…)

Very well thought out. However, the only point I disagree on is losing EXP for losing matches, it’s very discouraging imo.

And imo you shouldn’t be able to gain ranks in campaign and forge, but exclusively in multiplayer. You should be able to get a 50 in FF though, but it shouldn’t count towards your actual highest rank.

I would like to see this

Competitive Playlists - Halo 2’s Ranking System

Social Playlists - Reach’s Ranking System

Halo 2’s ranking system will match you up and give you great matches. If you’re playing Campaign, Firefight, Customs, or Social Playlist you’ll get to rank up and become a General.