My quick thoughts on Exile

This is my quick thoughts on Exile.

I think the Exile’s look is a mix of Blood Gultch and Beaver Creek.
It is meant for BTB.
It will be like HemmorHedge/Blood Gultch, almost like a replacement.

This is all speculation.
What are your thoughts on Exile?

Looks like a BTB version of Beaver Creek.

Looks like it takes parts of all the larger maps. But I love it, think it’s a very unique map.

I love the looks of it, the aesthetics are amazing. I need to know how it plays, now.

I like the way it is set up.

I would really like to have an amazing BTB map to play on.

It reminds me alot of a map on H:CE on the PC.
I don’t remember the name of the map though.

Looks like a woodlands reimagining of Sidewinder’s concept to me.

We know for sure there is at least 1 base at one end of the canyon (like Sidewinder)
The map seems to have a mountain in the middle, with the canyon snaking around it (like Sidewinder’s horseshoe shape)
There is some sort of “manmade” structure in that middle mountain.
The map looks big and focussed on vehicle combat (like Sidewinder).

Only resemblence I see with Battle Creek/Canyon, is in terms of aesthetics to be honest.