My quick play is harder than Ranked/

I don’t want to whine too much but this is an issue. When I play team slayer or quick play, I’m matched with players who are esports champs and are all on the same team. While my teammates just got an Xbox. I also get way worse latency in quick play then in ranked. Ranked is easier than casual play and I’m in Diamond, like bro this is so not fun.


Lucky you, I started playing ranked for the first time after never playing it & my first 3 “placement” games were entirely filled with Onyx players.

Matchmaking just seems kinda inconsistent tbh. There needs to be better settings across the board to control search preferences.


Because quick play uses matchmaking. Social in old halo’s had some matchmaking, but the skill range was kind of all over the place because…well…it was a social playlist lol.

Obviously you need matchmaking for ranked modes, but I wish games with quick play/social playlists would go back to being, ya know, social. I miss the old school lobbies that Halo had. You’d get a game, you can vote for the next map, and players can stay in that lobby all night long. Not only does infinite have no lobby, but post game crap and searching for a new match seriously takes longer than it does to play a single match it feels like.


Ye man social is supposed to be fun. When I want to try and compete I do Ranked. But rn Social is just toxic rn.


Welcome to modern gaming, where apparently we need overly strict skill based matchmaking in all playlists at all times no matter what.


Not really sure what can be done about this. Have 343i go up to these people and be like…
“Hey, hey you, yeah you… You’re playing too seriously… Can you tone it down so others can enjoy the game? or play ranked at least?”

If you want easier matches, there’s always bot matches you can do… Where you and 3 others face off against Marine level bots that are more suited to your skill level. I dunno other wise though.

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Until they fix this crossover SBMM nonsense, I won’t touch ranked no matter how much XP they reward me with.

If only there were some blueprint from a previous halo game that showed how to solve this…


I don’t remember any of the other games feel much different then they are now. Except that back then players were just worse in general. They had plenty of years to improve and get better now so there are more better players.

Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach… Hell, in Halo 2 I used to dominate entire teams on some maps single handedly back then in Big Team Battle lol…

SSMM is there to at least match up people of similar skill too isn’t it? Other wise we’ll just have a wide flux of skill levels and the team with just the better players will just stomp the other team the entire match…

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I expect people to play how they want to play. I don’t buy in to the term “sweats”, but I also think social playlists should be exactly that. Having strict matchmaking in social just makes every match feel like ranked.

Without it though, matches would turn into a coin flip. Will my next match have the better players on my team, or will I get a bunch of fresh installs instead and get spawn killed the entire match? Maybe every once in a while I’ll get reeeeeaal lucky and have a fairly balanced game. But that’s what SBMM is suppose to be pushing for all the time.

And? So what? Its social, its not supposed to be super serious. Its also a good chance to run into better players and learn new things. How am I supposed to get better if I’m constantly placed in a bubble that looks for a 50/50 matchup all the time?

If I want super serious matchmaking looking for the most fair game possible then I play ranked. Social needs to be social where every match is different with a wide range of skill. I used to be all in on SBMM in CoD, but eventually I got to the point where I felt its dumb and its even more stupid in Infinite because this game has a ranked mode unlike CoD.


Stomps are generally harder to learn from then even matches. Since they usually mean you get destroyed so fast you may not even understand what happened in the first place. If you can’t fully grasp the situation and learn from it in those situations.

You actually have a better chance to learn from more balanced matches.

People will probably complain more about “sweats” in quickly with it off because of stomps as well. I mean, just look at ranked… “Why am I fighting diamonds and Onyx’s and I have two people on my team that haven’t even cleared their first ten matches to be ranked”, this will happen in quick play more often.

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I miss choosing to remain in the lobby with other players or the team I just matched with. I’ve played with some cool people in BTB and Quickplay, and it’s a shame I can’t remain with them in the lobby.


Dude…the games matchmaking destroys the game for me and my friends. Friend is having a great time, then he joins me, impretty above average and he gets absolutely decimated 2-18. The matchmaking is too thick here. It’s dreadful for me too, every match is an arena absolutely dripping in sweat.


How does it even work?

In social i don’t care. Sometimes I win sometimes i loose.

But how about ranked. My friend is ranked Gold, I’m on Way to diamond. But when we play together i do not raise my rank even with a win. When I play alone it works as expected.

I mean your k/d and win rate are both lower in ranked compared to social for what that’s worth - so you must be doing well against those esports champs. I’d say it feels harder because you probably did face groups while you had randoms, while in ranked you always play solo/duo queue - so you don’t have to worry about teams there. This game’s kill time is so little - that if you team shoot - even with just average skill - you will shred people. Teamwork > individual skill in infinite - but that’s always been relatively true in halo.

Sometimes I don’t even think it’s sbmm or based on the higher player’s skill/rank. I was playing solo stomping people and my brother with similar kda (mine slightly better) would stomp people solo, but when we partied up, we either got steamrolled or had super sweaty games. It seemed at least as bad and sometimes worse when doing 4 player splitscreen. When going back to solo queue, I was racking up sprees and winning more often again.

This was especially the case when trying to do the challenges for the week with the Willow Tea armor coating.

I have a growing theory that party size, or at least being in a party ingame, will match you up against better people or other stacks/parties.

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It’s scuffed, trust. Have a huge thread on it:


I know exactly what you mean. Still I’ve never understood a solution. What if I’m sitting next to a pro player and i’m bad at the game and we trade the controller each game? How can there be a fix for that? There aren’t any fixes!

Some days I play good some days I play bad. There’s no pattern to the madness! So I guess that’s just the way online games operate :weary: