My problems with the game so far...

  1. Map rotation.

  2. More selections of playlists and gametypes. For example BR/DMR/Carbine start playlists would be nice. A playlist that excludes Sprint & Thrusters. Multi-team. Team Doubles. Team Snipers. Team Objective. Some unranked playlists would be nice similar to social slayer/social skirmish.

  3. Ban system needs to be tweaked.

  4. Ranking system needs to be looked at. I get placed in ranks I do not deserve to be in. Not sure how it determines my rank. Maybe someone could explain a bit in the comments.

  5. Big Team Battle.

  6. Auto aim/sensitivity system needs to be tweaked. Moving right joystick diagonally feels laggy and slow but horizontal and vertical movements are faster but have different speeds. I have supplemented this by lowering my sensitivity to 5 but it’s still pretty apparent. Seems like changing the sensitivity only affects horizontal aim the most while barely affecting vertical aim speed. There also feels like there are too many dead zones in the joysticks.

  7. Delay in melee while jumping.

  8. Spawns are pretty bad. In swat and ffa I get spawned near enemies who just killed me and vice versa. There are also numerous spawns in swat across most of the maps where it’s very easy to get spawn killed because you spawn in the same location over and over again. Spawns in warzone seem a bit off as well. I’ll choose east or west armory and it spawns me closer to home base.

  9. Make it easier to mute people in game chat. Especially players who use the kinect and you hear everything going on in their house.

  10. Map veto system. This could be fixed by maybe increasing the map rotation scale but it was nice in previous halos being able to vote for a certain map or playlist you enjoy.

  11. Sometimes the screens brightness dim’s out of nowhere. Almost to the point you can’t see anything. I know other people have had this issue and I’ve tested it on numerous TV’s and monitors. Typically going to the dashboard and back fixes the issue.

  12. Hold to zoom? Can’t seem to find a controller layout that supports this.

  13. Top 3 in FFA should result in a win.

  14. Medals not available in post carnage report.

  15. Game medals don’t work correctly in Breakout.

16, Higher reqs in warzone typically aren’t unlocked till the game is almost over. Maybe I just need to “get gud” but other friends have had this issue and I’ve only had 2 or 3 warzone games where I reach level 8 reqs and i’m half way through the match.

  1. Sometimes the post carnage report fails to load completely. Backing out of the lobby doesn’t fix the issue.

I’d recommend getting a refund and buying fallout if you can.

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> 1. Map rotation.

I had to play on Plaza three matches in a row.

Forest for trees. Halo 5 works. Just keep dedicated servers.

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> I’d recommend getting a refund and buying fallout if you can.

Well I will be getting Fallout 4 but I like halo 5. Just needs a lot of work.

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> > 2533274956373689;1:
> > 1. Map rotation.
> I had to play on Plaza three matches in a row.

Know what you mean. I got Rig and plaza back to back last night in Swat.

Auto aim needs serious tweaking it is way too powerful. I play on 10 sensitivity to compensate for crappy speeds and weird dead zones. If Im aiming at a player and another one runs by him it will grab onto the other player without any input from me. This usually results in me dying because I cant even finish off the first guy. Its bad in single player too, try and aim at an explosive barrel when an enemy runs past it just grabs your freaking sight so you cant hit anything. Its especially noticeable in smart link with a long range weapon but it even happens from the hip.