My problems with Halo 5 MP


So let’s get the obligatory “I’ve played a lot of halo, so I know what I’m talking about” comment out of the way before we start this thing. The Halo game I played the most was Reach as it was the game that was out when I really started gaming (I’m only 18 so) but I have played every Halo so I know the basics(?)

First off we can all safely say this game is a huge improvement over MCC and Halo 4, however I’m here to give constructive feedback rather than praise everything I like.

Ok, so I can understand why the radar range was decreased from 30 to 18 but it should have been put back to traditional 25 as it always has been, 18 makes the radar near enough useless which is OK as I am used to having no radar at all through MLG customs etc. However I don’t know what is wrong with the sound design with this game but it is near impossible to hear anyone on the map without making your ear drums bleed. It’s like everyone is running around on thick carpet floors and slippers. I have literally had people sprint directly behind me and have almost not been able to hear them at all because of everything else going on.

Second off the “traditional” Arena spawn weapons are god awful, how do you expect to be able to contest a team with map domination or with power weapons when all you have is a Ar or a Pistol. It just doesn’t work. On the topic of the AR can I say without contest that the thing is ridiculous? It can cross map and kill faster than ever before, plus the stagger it puts out it is unbelievable if I’m honest. A nerf may be in order, or do the right thing and add BR starts again. AR spawn ruin the current playlists besides swat. It is especially bad in FFA as you spend the entire game one shot thanks to constant team shot from every player in the game, it’s just boring. That and my next concern/problem.

I like sprint, I like the new movement modes. What I hate is no shield regen when sprinting. Here is why:
It makes it impossible to get escape from any fight as your opponent will just be able to sprint after you with their most likely higher shield and slaughter you whilst you wait for regen. The maps are too small for this kind of mechanic as it is way to easy to do just that, chase. The whole thing I’ve learnt whilst playing Halo is to never chase because you could get turned on, yet in this game chasing is almost encouraged because it’s so easy to get kills that way? I’d like to see gamemodes in which you either don’t have sprint but have increased sprint but have increased base speed (Reach) or take out the no regen with shield. But that’s just me I suppose.

Variety has always been a staple with Halo, want to sweat? Play skill ranked playlists, want to chill with friends but still play slayer? Go into social. Want to create amazing custom modes/maps? Custom Games. I’m only going to touch on this lightly as I know this will change soon but I would like to see more variety. I miss playing social with my friends for a couple of hours then play ranked slayer whenever we fancied. Rather than being forced to either play competitive gamemodes or the cluster**** that is Warzone (which by the way is already stale as it plays out the same every game) but as I said I’m sure this will all change soon, BTB any body?

Finally let’s talk about spawning and how terrible it is. The number of times I have been killed only to be instantly killed again after re spawning has gotten ridiculous now. If you want to see exactly how bad it is go play SWAT (I was playing it for ranking) Every game I would be killed by the same guy over and over and over again because I spawned within his FoV. I literally spawned directly behind the guy who killed me in one game and got an Overkill off one person in another. The algorithms need a serious retooling as I am sick of being put in front of someone as I spawn. This is a serious issue as it can allow as team just to steam roll you.

There are a ton of other little things I could pick at and I haven’t even started on Warzone but honestly who cares about that. Here is a summary of all the things I think could/need to be changed soon:

BR/DMR Starts
Radar Size Increase
Increased volume on footsteps
Better spawn positions
A larger variety of playlists (especially needs social playlists)
Sprint needs a change (Decrease speed, take it out and bring up movement speed or take out no health regen with sprint)

I will update this list with more problems I have/find as the game continues to grow and change.
Feel free to share your criticisms with the game in the comments as well. In the mean time I’ve got some more REQ packs to open :slight_smile:

I agree with a lot of what you said. I know you’re just venting here but for the sake of constructive criticism, as you said. I’m going to just list my suggestions and things I like/dislike. That said, so far Halo 5 is 1000% better than MCC as far as handling, uniformity, and play-ability (mostly).


  • LOVE the handle of all weapons. This may be weird saying but the Forunner weapons, especially, don’t feel like plastic. They feel and handle solid and are actually fun to use now. Some of them may need to be nerfed (AR) but mostly they are great.
  • I personally am a big fan of the continuous sprint. It makes getting around a lot faster and combined with the slide and boost, it really picks up the speed of the entire match.
  • Everything is beautiful aesthetically. Not being able to pick other players from across the map (or even right next to you sometimes) makes the game a lot more challenging.
  • As Ocolis said, the map weapon spawns are getting stale but I think things like alternating starting BR, new maps, BTB, among other things classic to Halo, they will come with time.


  • Player spawning is HORRENDOUS. I can relate to what Ocolis said about spawning 4 times in a row in the middle of a fire fight or once directly as a player was trying to stick another player but I caught it mid air as I spawned. That, paired with:
  • Motion tracker distance needs to be put back to classic 25m. Especially, when playing Warzone. I don’t know a ghost is coming until its already 25m past my flying corps.
  • To credit Ocolis again, I like the new competitive edge to everything but I also like to just chill and have some casual games sometimes. Make a designated play group that supports competitive and casual play separately.

I know there’s a ton of other things I could mention but those are the biggest right now.

  • Fix player spawns
  • Bump motion tracker back up to 25m
  • Delay jumping into a new game slightly (If I want to check stats from my previous game, I’d like to have at least 2min to look them over before I get kicked out of the stat screen and thrown into another game.)

Over all, great great start to Halo 5.