My problem with BTB presently-Feb 26

Now I might do this as a update threw every change that comes to BTB threw out till season 2 starts.

I LOVE BTB its been my favorite game modes ever since it was around but this version I got some problems with.

Scorpion or Tank spawns- Ok so I’ve had a issue with this for a while now and even I thought when they made the pelicans drop them more frequently that this would be resolved but when one team gets a tank and the other gets a warthog feels like a big middle finger from the very game Im playing.

Not only that I played one game where the enemy got a Scorpion and Wraith one after the other thats messed up. BTB to me is about having powerful vehicles and having a good size even match with each other not RNG lets see who gets the heavy vehicles in this game and even with the higher chances of them dropping on occasion ill have a match where I see nothing.

Solution-make it so each team gets heavy vehicles and a flying vehicle at the start of the match like older versions or make scorpions and wraiths drops even across the board no RNG just at this time in the match each team gets one I shouldn’t be stuck with 1 warthog or 2 mongooses in every match where in past games I got a Wraith,Scorpion,Banshee,ghost a normal warthog and guass warthog 2 mongooses this should be the basic spawns you get at the start.

GAME MODES- from my experience the only game modes I truly enjoy playing are CTF or SLAYER because both STOCKPILE and TOTAL CONTROL can end so fast that I hardly get any enjoyment from playing those two its either people are on the objective or their not either we win quick or lose quick and it hardly surprises me that when I join a BTB mid match and it majority are these two.

Solution STOCKPILE-I feel like increasing the amount you gotta store to get a point or how many points there are will increase playtime and make it little more enjoyable just feels like its more of a 4V4 game mode then a 12V12 game mode.

Solution TOTAL CONTROL- I think this game mode trys to merge CONTROL and INVASION which Id find more enjoyment out of then this but its also a ok game mode I think and increase in points to win is needed and better objective spawns I wanna see a fight all across the map not just in the middle or slightly closer to enemy or team bases I want one by my team base one in the middle and one near the enemy base this will increase time in game and enjoyment and make it a little harder to capture all objectives.

Solution GAME MODES-I think taking a page out of halo reach and allowing players to pick a map and game mode by voting wont only help players enjoy the modes they like but boost player experience and will also allow you to see what the players like most.

Spawns- spawns seem a little weird on these maps rn sometimes Ill spawn in the middle of the map just to be killed by someone right when I spawn or Im to far away from my base to help protect an objective or help any of my Teammates.

Solution Spawns- I should be able to spawn on squad mates not only would this make squads more useful then just for show in the start of the match but would support player cooperating with one another especially with random players of course if your being shot at or shields down you would need to find a safe place before someone can spawn on you.

Base Weapon Spawns- its not the time they spawn I gotta problem with its more of why do we have a bunch of commandos spawn at are base and why do they got a bunch of BRs even the shock rifle and stalker rifle are divided and the shocker rifles is more of a sniper rifle while the stalker rifle is more of a long range covenant carbine or DMR there are big power difference to these weapons.

Solution Base Weapon Spawns-both team bases should have the same weapons as each other this just makes the game more even at the start.

Long range weapon glare- well all I gotta say with this is I feel like a giant lighthouse giving away my position like how the hech am I going to play a sneaky sniper when everyone sees the dam glare and I got an army on my butt.

Solution Long range weapon glare- Im not asking for it to be taken away Im perfectly alright with people seeing a glare all Im asking is that its tuned down a little or less noticeable unless your looking directly at me.

Overall I believe these changes would definitely help with player experience and enjoyment in the game I know alot of fixes and changes need to be made already in the game just wanted to throw these thoughts out there right now if I missed anything else that you or anyone else has a problem with BTB please leave a reply.

I have hope for season 2 coming May 2th Im very excited to see whats around the corner even if it feels far away just need to hunker down for about 2 more months really thank you very much if you took the time to read my post I really appreciate it stay safe and keep giving feecback so halo infinite can become the game we know it can be.:blush:

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Random weapon and vehicle spawns were a horrible addition to this game.

The commando is horrible since they nerfed it and is definitely not balanced with the battle rifle. Nobody wants it. Every game, especially BTB, there is a line that forms at the BR spawn. Just wait your turn. Either get rid of the commando or give it a buff.

Both of these things apply to all playlists, not just BTB.


nah BTB needs to have the BR as the starting weapon


Obviously that would be a better solution.


I’m not an Infinite-Hater, but:
Random Vehicle Spawns are the worst thing that happened to BTB.

Well, and Random Weapon Spawns are not THAT terrible, but really bad, as well…

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I don’t like Infinite BTB…

  1. The maps are designed to be a cluster that vehicles struggle to move around, that even the tank is to damn large just to use in the open would.

Seriously, does 343 even know what giving room to move around means? It’s beyond comical how poorly the maps/open would it designed to be a cluster.

  1. Players are to involved completing BP challenges and the maps are somewhat base off the BP challenges.

  2. The “balancing” weapons in infinite has made some weapons almost pointless to used like the sniper and plasma pistol for an example.

There is more but just those 3 says enough on how poorly BTB is designed. Maybe if 343 used their head and worked with what has actually worked for Halo instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, things could have been far better off.

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