My problem is not k+b it’s a PC hackers

I have a problem with hackers,last week it’s s a nightmare to play Tactical Slayer.
In Halo 5 ,I was good on SWAT - 10000 headshots for a month (i was grinding for my Spartan company for the Achilles Armor),but in Infinite- when you face against players with 39-38 kills in one Tactical Slayer game and when you watch the video from theirs perspective…… even I was not so good.And they shoot people across the map ,people that is impossible to see but they jump and kill them ….

They just run ,jump and shoot people across the map.You can’t even see the guy who hides behind cover across the map,but the hackers just running after spawn,take 90 degrees turn,jump and suddenly few of your teammates are dead :slightly_smiling_face:

Or you are spawning and make some steps to peak from the cover and… guess- you are in the respawn screen (you can think- okay,that guy camp there and waiting someone to pop).But when you watch the gameplay video -that guy don’t watch that cover and waiting for you to come- they running at high speed ,suddenly they jump in your direction second before you showing and then shutting you :slightly_smiling_face:
And always they are on PC

Clearly it’s not the k+b problem for me - it’s the PC with hack that are my problem.


Dont forget the desync issues caused by crossplay, it’s a huge factor.

That goes for either side, wanting crossplay disabled isnt to bash on a platform it’s to avoid issues that are attached.


Absolutely.It’s hard sometimes against k+m ,but it’s manageable.But those missing grenades that disappear when you throw them and that double melee…. or that headshot that is not registered….


Have had a few sus matches but have also had some matches where people will defiantly thing I am sus in tactical slayer. I had this one round I was beast mode, prefired corners and was just ripping up.

I feel for me its more the desync that is killing me, like hitting someone three times melee to just have them turn and one shot.

I have a great games too .But just watch the point of view on some people that shredded you and clearly you will make a difference - when someone is good or he just see through walls .Usually the hackers get destroyed in close combat , because they don’t know how to handle it.Meanwhile they will win on long distance just because they can see through the walls and then can hit you across the map as soon as your head is pop.

They aren’t just on PC, people jailbreak their Xboxes and hack that way, too. It’s not even that hard. :unamused:
I also resent the way that you implicate it’s something only being done by PC players. That’s simply not true and just because you can download software to your PC to ruin other people’s time on the game doesn’t mean that it equally can’t be done on Xbox. :man_facepalming:t4:

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When I expired something bad ( ghosting,cheating,lagging,wall hacks,aimbot) it was usually against player with PC

OP it’s also possible these people are using modded controllers. People want to immediately assume it’s PC aimbot/walls but everyone forgets that modded controllers are the fastest growing form of cheating and have been since CoD: Warzone made them popular. Modded controllers work on PC, Xbox, and even can plug into M&KB. (For the record it’s not a physical controller but rather an plug in for a controller.)

Desync isn’t caused by crossplay. It’s just server issues on Microsoft’s end. Most modern FPS games use crossplay and so far this is the only game to have desync issues.

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Probably you are right, but we all are agreed that the game desperately needs a anti cheating mechanism and few other permanent fixes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tactical Slayer favors M/KB that’s no secret, but it’s because players are able to swing around so fast that it seems like they’re using “esp” hacks.

SWAT favors reaction times and knowledge of spawn zones. You get halfway decent at either of these and you control the map. That doesn’t mean players are cheating.

Any amount of cheating is a huge issue and needs to addressed, but swat has had players questioning actions since Halo 2.

Do you have any video examples of these situations in action?

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Probably I can find in the games history,but it will be hard task. I played many games after…
If you told me how to transfer that video from the console,probably I will post it

It’s honestly surprising to me me that Microsoft hasn’t incorporated an anti-cheat into Windows that just covers all games played on PC. All modern shooters need an anti-cheat day one period. Halo needs one sooner rather than later.

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I’m honestly surprised that MCC gave the ability to turn crossplay on/off but infinite does not. I stopped playing warzone and now this game.

This is not true. I will soon make a video showing how much of an advantage controller still has over MnK when it comes to SWAT.

Crossplay does make it worse, iv had many games go from no crossplay to crossplay and the latency got worse.

There are many issues to crossplay and it’s why it should always be optional, pretty sure Microsoft said they would never force it too.

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This is one of the reasons it was so difficult to find games on MCC

Why do people think crossplay creates latency? Literally doesn’t make sense. Latency is due to not having a region selector. Not because of crossplay.

I remember is the old days if you changed 1 byte of the program the program would not run at all and was checked on the server you connected too.

This is extremely uncommon. Cheating is far far more common on PC.

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And yet it’s not common enough to scare PC players away from the platform for good