My Pre-Order Armour Disappeared (GLITCH) HELP

Hello, so I pre-ordered the limited edition of Halo 4 and got the prime skins for my armour and my assault rifle. But I just hit SR28 and unlocked every thing I got in my pre-order (WHY WOULD YOU PUT PRE-ORDER ARMOUR IN THE GAME TO START WITH THAT’S POINTLESS). And as I unlocked my armour that I already had it disappeared from the list of armour and from my equipment I had the armour equipped at the time and it reset all my armour back to the recruit armour set and I no longer have any of the skins and other people can unlock the armour that was promised to me as a limited edition armour set. I hope 343 can find a patch for this issue and get my armour set back I would hate to see everyone lose their armour that they paid for, it’s not fair. Thanks :slight_smile:

This has happened to me a couple of times, for me it’s the emblem. I don’t use the preorder armor but I do use the emblem (the left-facing eagle).

I simply returned to the dashboard, reloaded the game, being sure to select “cloud” as that’s where all my game info is, and when I get back in it’s there.

One other thing that might be related is that the star (indicating something new has been unlocked or is viewable) doesn’t appear for the “spartan id” menu. It works for loadouts and armor but not for that one.

Hope that helps.


The pre-orders were never for armour. They advertised Armour Skins. Also, I own the limited edition myself, and I don’t think there was ever “Limited Edition” specific armour. There was Limited Edition Recruit Armour and Assault Rifle Skins, but thats it. The two helmets that you also got are not specific to the Limited Edition, but to the War Games Season Pass, which was included with the limited edition.

The only armour that is 100% exclusive, and no other way to get is the FOTUS armour with the Limited Edition Xbox 360.

As for the armour disappearing, That happened to my pre-order armours/limited Edition recruit skin/and FOTUS armour just a lil’ bit ago. I just restarted the game and it was there again. I also heard restarting your Xbox makes it reappear as well. I can only surmise that it disappeared because my internet was acting wonky, and it didn’t verify I had it correctly.

it disapaer for me to and right now i have the recruit armor and not the pre order hazop armour is gone.

My Limited Edition stuff disappeared as well as my Best Buy Venator RPTR armor disappeared out of the blue today. I was about to start a King of the Hill match and I noticed my Spartan looked wrong. The game defaulted half my armor to recruit and took away all my extra armor.

I was on the phone with XBOX360 support (1-800-4MY-XBOX) for about an hour and after trying many a different things we came up with a solution. All you have to do is go to system settings, storage, where you keep your Halo 4 saves, and then delete the file that contains your pre-order armor. Then go to your download history under account management and search for when you redeemed the armor, redownload the armor and boot up the game. This should restore your pre-ordered armor set. This worked for me after I lost my Deadeye Helmet and Venator armor set. If this works for you then you are welcome =]

Re-downloading the content did work for me, but content still disapears sporadically and I have to keep re-downloading. Pretty annoying, Hope they patch it soon.