My praise, criticism, and opinion of Halo 5

I’ve been playing Halo ever since it came to the original Xbox consol, and have played all the original titles (that excludes remakes) from start-finish. When it comes to Halo 5, it’s my personal opinion that it’s gameplay is great, the visuals are great, and the story looks like it will lead to great things in the future.

However, there are a few key issues with it that make me ask “Why would you take that out?”

My main issue with Halo 5 is the unlockable armor/assasinations/weapon skins, and basic aesthetics. I do actually enjoy the REQ system, and I find it to be a necessary new concept to an old franchise. My issue with it, though, is that that is the ONLY way to unlock things (to my knowledge). It doesn’t matter anymore how good a player is, because a total noob has the same chance at getting the best looking gear there both by simply playing, or by outright purchasing the content.

There isn’t any incentive to being the best, or to achieve specific feats, or to beat the game on legendary. You receive either only acheivement points, or nothing at all. There’s no way to distinguish a skilled player with a total noob, and it takes away from the drive of continual gameplay because of it.

There simply needs to be some middle-ground somewhere that can incorporate skill, rather than how deep your pockets are, or how lucky a person is.

There are a few other minor things, that are a bit bothersome, things like removing the co-op scoring system (which I cannot imagine would be difficult to program or implement at all), seeing the characters of the other members in a pre-game lobby, and other basic things I’m sure many others have brought to light.

Another issue (which I’m sure is already being fixed as I write) is spawn layout in multiplayer. In some modes/maps if one team holds a specific spot, there is very little chance the other team can take them over unless they get really lucky. Yes, the opposing teams skill does come in to play, but it seems that there are a few maps/modes in particular that have this issue.

My last big issue is that seeing players stats in the lobby is not only difficult, but at times, simply not possible. It takes away from the social aspect of the whole multiplayer thing. I want to know what people have unlocked in their armor, because there’s no way of me checking until after the game, where I’m automatically pushed into the next game. Pregame lobby is meant to be able to gauge your opponent, even if it is only for aesthetic purposes.

Overall, I think Halo 5 is more than a worthy title of the franchise. It’s not the greatest in the franchise, but certainly not the worst. There’s just a few things that need tweaking, things that wouldn’t break the game at all.

Just my thoughts, thanks for reading.