my plot theory

Here’s my theories on what I have read:

Theory 1:
Greg Bear hints that there are two didacts (would help support there being blue (good) and orange (evil) promethean AIs). I think one is evil and one is good. Somewhere in the beginning of the game, you crashland on Requium. You run into the cryptums holding the good and evil Didacts. You awaken the good Didact (also at the same time accidentally awakening the evil one), you obviously side with the good one (or you decide that he is not your enemy), my guess is that the Covenat side with the evil, seeing how that he is technically a Forerunner, and he might want to fire the halo arrays and ultimately annihilating the Humans, and preventing them from upholding the Mantle. The good Didact decides to make the Infinity crashland and rally with them and the Master Chief and try to defeat his evil side. You’re about to defeat the evil Didact, but he escapes from Requium and the battle streches on over the course of the next two games.

Theory 2:
My second theory is just about the same as Theory 1, except the evil Didact is replaced with the Precursors.

What do you guys think?

I hope color aren’t sign of their allegiance. If blue = good and orange = evil I will be seriously disapointed. Might as well put a human with scars and whatnot with a tag called “bad guy”.

Two Didacts is news to me. =/

I just Googled it and Bear does indeed hint at that. What the hell?

With Codename Silentium not coming out until after H4, they’d better explain the -Yoink- out of this in H4.