My player has reverted to level 1 status

I had ranked up to level 37 I believe and now my player is ranked at level 1. Playing new multiplayer matches (which it wont really let me do at all now because of my ranking I believe) dosent add points, unable to access REQ packs, etc, What do I do??? I am signed in to X-box 1, all connection data is good, etc. Thanks!

It’s only temporary just back out of the menu, or if that doesn’t work try restarting your Xbox system

I have logged out of game, shut down console, logged in and out of my xbox profile, and this is over the period of about a week.

Any more suggestions? by clicking on my gammer name on this thread I can see that level is actually SR39. Really would like to play game but hasn’t worked in over a week. HELP!!!

I have had the same issue, and just posted the below, but I am not sure support personnel actually monitor this thread:

Does anyone monitor this support forum that can assist?

When I switched to wired, my disconnect problems went away, but in the last 2 weeks, I have had to reboot the game multiple times in order for it to sync properly, and provide req access or to even play a game. I keep getting disconnected from the lobby. Today the error message I received is
“there was a problem with XBox Live Party Service”

Current Network Status
Nat Type: Open
All Services Available

Test network connection returns “it’s all good…”
Test Multiplayer connection returns, “it’s all good…”
Detailed Network Statistics:
Down: 29.40 mbps
Up: 26.17 mbps
Packet loss: 0%
MTU: 1480
Latency 88 ms

Does anyone monitor this support forum that can assist?