My play sessions are getting shorter as these issues become more and more apparent

Been playing this game since Halo CE on the OG xbox. It’s the only shooter I consistently come back to anymore. If I don’t like Halo, I’m probably not playing shooters. With that being said, as much as Infinite got a lot right, there are many, many issues that are slowly leeching my love for the series, and making me feel like the game I grew up with is not made for me, and is being managed by a studio that likes to change things just for the sake of change.

  1. Player Collision / glitchy behavior in proximity with enemy players.
    No collision makes for extremely immersion breaking and frustrating situations. The grenade I threw bouncing off of my teammate’s back and blowing up in my face. In ranked, just straight up killing my teammates as they glide through my body as I’m nading, shooting power weapons, etc. My teammate lunging through me as we go to melee the same enemy, which ends up in me hitting my teammate, both of us missing the enemy somehow, and him ending up behind both of us. Enemy players phasing through the target I’m engaging with, making it extremely difficult to finish the duel I was in and at least trade with my original target.
    Moving onto glitchy behavior near enemy players. I would not have believed that enemy player collision was turned on had I not seen a video showing that it was. Every single time I am in a melee situation with enemy players, I feel like I am gliding right past them. Like we are slippery, sliding off of each other. This makes for extremely frustrating melee situations. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to melee someone and just slipped right past them instead.
    There is a separate issue with melee situations that has come up a lot as well, I know there is lunge in this game, but I already have several clips of me aiming directly at an enemy player, going to hit them, and the melee just doing absolutely nothing. I’m nowhere close to being outside of lunge range, and in a few clips i’m actually directly in front of them. Still nothing, the melee does zero damage.

  2. 30 frame lock on Xbox One. Look, Halo 4 was 60fps on Xbone. Halo 5 was 60fps on Xbone. Every game in MCC runs at 60fps on Xbone. Why in the everloving -Yoink!- is Halo Infinite not only locked at 30, but often feels like it runs at 20-25fps? I’m not sure which is worse, forced obsolescence, or an actual inability to get the game to run at 60fps. Either way, this is beyond unacceptable and is completely mind-boggling why the game would be shipped this way. I won’t even get into how frustrating it is to try and get an Xbox Series X/S right now, that’s another issue, but certainly one that should have been taken into account when it was confoundingly decided that 30 frames is good enough.

  3. Weapon Balance. In Previous Halos, basically every weapon felt like it had its role, and with few exceptions, I got really good use out of most of them. In Halo Infinite, there are more weapons that I have zero plans to use than there have been in maybe every single Halo game combined.
    The Pulse carbine, how are we supposed to use this weapon? The ranges where it is effective feel extremely narrow and it is basically only good against targets in the open because of its tracking. The delay between bursts is enough to make me question why I’d ever pick it up over a BR/Commando, and really it just makes me miss previous plasma weapons.
    Hydra. Completely useless. Has anyone ever gotten a kill with this weapon? I’m not complaining as it was probably my least favorite weapon addition to Halo, but its just another indicator of an unbalanced weapon sandbox.
    The Commando. This weapon was actually good in the Beta, it was my new favorite Halo weapon of all time. I don’t know what you guys did to it since then, but it feels nearly unusable, especially when compared to the BR/AR. Between the Bloom, the recoil, and the TTK, I just cannot get kills on purpose with this weapon anymore.
    The Stalker Rifle. I actually like this one a lot. But its nowhere to be found :confused:
    The Plasma Pistol isn’t new, but since we have completely changed its role, I have to bring it up. The tracking of the charged shot is really inconsistent, and the fact that it doesn’t disable vehicles anymore is extremely problematic, given the power level of the Shock weapons/grenades. More on this later.
    The Assault Rifle. Again, not new, but this weapon is really quite pushed and over balanced. It has one of the fastest TTKs of maybe any weapon in any Halo game? And to top it off, it can’t be descoped, and contests Commandos/BRs within their intended range. Leaving me with the question of, why should I ever drop the Assault rifle? Which then leaves me with the question of, should this weapon, in its current state, really be a starting weapon? Please either detune the AR or make it a map pickup. Honestly, thinking about it more, many of my problems with Infinite’s weapons are just that they cannot compete with the AR.
    Ravager. This weapon only really feels good as an area denial weapon. I have no idea how I’m supposed to use the burst fire mode but I avoid it like the plague, which is unfortunate because its a cool weapon. It just feels undertuned.
    Mauler. I actually like this weapon a lot. The projectile drop seems extreme sometimes, but overall I enjoy it.
    Bulldog and Heatwave. We’ll just clump these two together because they suffer from the same problem of being shotguns that trade being weak close up, for having a bit of range. But the range you are getting is, again, contested by the Assault Rifle. I never drop the AR for these weapons and I consider it strictly wrong to do so. Literally every halo game has had a real, one-shot shotgun. These ain’t it.

  4. The vehicles feel really weird, like someone watched a Halo game being played and then tried to replicate it, without understanding how vehicles have always felt in previous Halo games. I don’t know how else to describe them other than floaty, unresponsive, weightless, lacking a center of gravity. And yet their weapons are incredibly overtuned. The Warthog’s chaingun is the best example really, this weapon has no business having the range and TTK it has, and I may be wrong, but I don’t even think it can overheat anymore. It can completely dominate games of Slayer on Behemoth and it feels really bad to be shredded by it in what feels like under a second.

  5. Radar. Please just give us back the standard Radar range. I’m a no-radar purist in competitive playlists, but I still like to play casually often, and the radar range is really frustratingly short. Its honestly more of a distraction than a tool because I have 20 years of Halo habits telling me to look at it way more often than I should be, compared to how useful it actually is in this game.

  6. Getting shot around corners. This is of course an intermittent issue in many shooters. Make no mistake, what I am describing is not the same issue. I’m talking about me retreating behind a corner as an enemy strafes out to try to continue engaging me. On my screen I am hiding behind the corner, and yet bullets are literally bending around the wall to hit me. I can only assume that on my enemies screen he is still able to see me, but I am not able to see him at all. Come to think of it, I feel almost a half second behind in many of my matches. I am losing BR duels that I feel like I should be trading in, getting shot behind corners constantly, melees on my screen are hitting but simply do not, etc. I have a very expensive internet connection and a DMZ setup for my xbox, so my connection is not the issue. It has to be the netcode.

  7. Customization. Look, I get it, capitalism allows for -Yoink!- like lootboxes and microtransactions to exist. It -Yoink!- sucks for everyone involved, but its probably not going to change. That being said, Infinite’s implementation of the MTX system is so obviously anti-consumer that it actually repels me from even considering taking part. Normally if I like the franchise, I will spend a few bucks every season to support it, so long as its a system that feel like it is proud of what it has to offer and is giving players value for their money. This system is not that. 10-20$ skin packs is a slap in the face when you consider what we used to get for 10$, entire map packs.
    As an absolute baseline, Visors and coatings should not be locked behind armor cores. There is absolutely no reason for this other than wanting me to buy it twice. The battlepass is mostly challenge swaps, why would I spend my money on a system that forces me to complete challenges to progress through it, and then gives me challenge swaps as a reward? The armor I unlock isn’t even for the armor core I like? Someone did not think this through. Everyone looks the same because progression is so tedious, and then I look at people who obviously spent money and instead of thinking they look cool, I can’t help but feel anger, because they are just contributing to systems like this continuing to prey on us all.