My Personal Value for This Weeks Shop Rotation

Feel free to also comment your opinion too. As much as 343 disregards our opinions and probably sit around the watercooler laughing at us, I still think everyones opinion matters, yes, even the bad ones. Do you think what we got this week was adequate? Apply what you think, by the rules dictated by papa Microsoft, this week is worth to you.

War Master Armor Set:
$12 Retail, Realistic $5-$8

Alright lets get into the meat and potatoes of the week. I can start off by saying I never liked War Master. The whole skull/face moteif is really on the nose and edgy to me and I generally dislike most designs that originate from 343s awful Halo 4 and 5 art style but others like it a lot so I guess Ill live with it. I’m a lore junkie so the little blurbs associated with the helmets are what I live for. It causing brain damage is funny to me. Clean.
$1 - MAYBE $1.50

CBRN/TRAILWATCH Attachment is a fine addition. It makes me dislike the helmet a lot less. Still looks like discount Scout from Halo 3 but uts in the right direction. I think most helmets should get a rebreather type thing. Don’t even need a lore bit for it because its self explanatory. Clean.
.50, (Helmet piece, dollar piece and that’s being generous)

AAP/Drachen Ordinance Pack, we love our lads over at BeweglichrĂĽstungsysteme. Makers of
CQC > CQB > Dynast (icky) > Brawler (fantastic)
Coming at us love with a banger of a chestplate that has, gasp, properly placed sachels, ordinance, and armor plating that adheres significantly less to 343s “just cover it in tumors, thats sci-fi I think” philosophy than a lot of the other MK VII chestpieces. Fantastic. Love it. I’m a -Yoink!- for my breacher gear. PLEASE 343 JUST PUT CQB AND CQC IN THE SHOP ITS RIGHT THERE JUST PRESS THE BUTTON. ITS NOT HARD. ITS NOT HARD. HOW DO YOU MESS THIS ONE THING UP IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN SEASON 1.
$1 - $1.50

UA/Chaka, shoulder pieces for MK VII are really uh, bland to say the least. Significantly less specialized and utilitarian looking than previous iterations of armor. Literally just there for your spartans silhouette. No shame in that but absolutely NO reason to list them as separate pieces in the bundle. They add value as a pair, separating them does not increase the value. Bad. 343, Bad. Ill get the newspaper. I like the broad Halo 3 CQB style ones so these are a plus for me.
Begrudgingly clean.

Flexpoint. Yeah they’re gloves all right. Very GEN 2 lookin’
I liked the Tactical Ops event gloves better,
Partially clean.
.50 at best.

Project Sweepstep, vague clandestine sorta description for what I assume is a prototype energy shield/shield shaping technology. Nifty. I like it. Clean. Not enough wrist gear in the game.

Blue Ash Armor Coating
Great, fantastic, I like the colors and I like that we have color lore now outside of Reach’s vague “blue armor probably indicates spartan leader” sorta implications I picked up on. Literally the only good part of coating systems is color lore. (Could have just been released as a fun color guide and never implemented as a cash grab buuuut) UNSC Air Force is very good. Clean?


Guys this is why the community gets mad at you. Its garbage. Not the emblem itself but the fact that youre using it to pad out the bundle to jerk up the prices. Literally nobody sees the emblems anyway. You took that from us. Much like a lot of what made customization good. You took it. Stole it. I don’t care about grizzy team, I dont care about shark and stingray. Jackalope DOES NOT MATTER. DO BETTER.
I’m sorry whoever makes these decisions is so blind as to how to fix it. Its not hard. Gross…
$0, Disgraceful.

Cordovan Thunder Vehicle Coatings

I’d rate it for $3 max, chief. Most vehicle coating we dont even get to see BECAUSE WE’RE NOT ALLOWED TO PICK OUR SPECIFIC GAMEMODES ANYMORE and are unlikely to see most of them in game. I’m being generous with this one too. You dont deserve our money for this.

Crush Your Enemies Stance
I get it you had an intern look at a Star Wars poster once and hoped they could recreate the pose by memory.

As someone whos into HEMA I see what youre kinda TRYING to do here. Its Ochs. The longsword fighting stance. But its wrong. Its stiff and awkward and just not good looking. Or maybe its like a weightlifting pose? Avant-garde street performer???
Its stupid. Someone should CRUSH your employment records and boot you and the contents of your desk out the door.

And then everybodys favorite waste of space,
The stickers and the boost packs.
Garbage. 0$ Always a failure. Ratio. Terrible. Do better.

So that’s my view on this week’s shop. Whether you agree or disagree put it in the thread I wanna hear it.

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It’s Conan The Barbarian you rube.

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It has a couple of nice pieces I will admit. Helmet looks best with the accessory used, but I wish the accessory wasn’t completely greyed out, but it uses the color coat you use for your spartan.

I actually like the gloves the most of the the set. My favorite of the gloves in general.

The chest piece looks like over kill honestly. I’d probably like it more if it wasn’t all just greyed out except for the bags and ammo pieces. Like, it actually followed the coatings.

Emblem set is like all emblem set, it’s cool if you like it specifically, but to most it’s just added bonuses that probably don’t value to anything. Armor Coat’s cute, but again, very hit or miss at best.

Shoulders are ok I guess. I wouldn’t personally use them myself.

The Arm accessory is still another WTF is this thing even? Could we possibly just get the Halo Reach arm accessories ported over to the MK VII armors? At least they look like actually things that could be useful attached to our Spartan’s Suits.


What a dated reference? Really? What sorta dinosaurs do they think play this game??

Honestly, I look at stuff like War Master, and I think to myself “Huh. I might buy that helmet and chest piece, but I’m not about to drop $15 (actual cost) on one armor set and some extra garbage from the store.”

It strikes me as very odd that the shop, a major component of any Free to Play game, is so woefully underdeveloped in Infinite. Team Fortress 2, for example, has a really great shop section that allows you to buy virtually anything you want. Sure, the prices aren’t great, but you can get in there and buy a lot of stuff.

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Ive played TF2 nonstop since 2011. I have been through the economy crash, the golden years, and the fall. My Steam account exists almost solely for TF2. Let me tell you the Mann Co. Store is not the best example of how to run a virtual storefront because of how metal crafting, trading, drops and so on work in TF2 that make it expensive and not worth your while to waste the money on it, but at least the cosmetics are THERE and AVAILABLE. None of this “released in season 1 but not really because the intern was on break rubbing snot on the walls and forgot to put it in.”

“I don’t know the media to an old but highly acclaimed and widely beloved all-time-favorite-of-many, huge blockbuster movie, and mistook it for Star Wars, so I will now call anyone who knows, old.”

I’m 29. I haven’t watched Conan but my dad did, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is always cool.

Just take the L Spartan.

Pushing 30

My condolences but uh, that’s getting up there my man.
And the fact that you havent watched it and understand it because of your father enjoying it. I would consider that old. The 80s was 40 years ago. Its double or triple some of the target players age. Its old. It is a dated reference. Thus you could come to the conclusion that the target for that reference would be those who were natively exposed to it. I.E. 50 - 60 year olds. The elderly.

I have a bunch of credits that are just burning a hole in my pocket but I just can’t bring myself to buy anything. So far I’ve purchased the two battle passes and the halo armor effect.

I almost bought the Clippy charm just to buy something. I don’t even like the charms. I don’t like picking up a wespon with charm.

The kicker is the store rotation is super slow and limited. Should I spend these credits now or will next week be better?

Everything they’re released for sale should still be for sale. All of the virtual merch should be available at once. Maybe they do monthly drops or relewse things specifc to an event but nothing should go away.

In conclusion, I find little value in this weeks offering.

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Imagine getting a reference pose for a stance wrong, in your little weekly Halo Infinite store review.
Getting called out for it and then going on a massive ageist rant about unrelated stuff rather than admitting you don’t know the initial pose/ reference.

Also HEMA is a joke man. Anyone taking that seriously has never heard of the IMCF, which throws all the rules out the window for a more realistic approach to melee fighting…

HEMA is a sport, of course its not totally realistic. It still uses the documentation of the time and thats besides the point. Have fun with your flavor of contact sport. Its a sword and an energy sword at that, of course my first guess would be Star Wars (energy sword central) and medieval deuling documentation (how to use swords for dummies)

Sure, sure shame on me for not being totally schooled in 80s fantasy movie / comicbook(?) pop culture in a forum dedicated to a sci-fi video game for modern teenagers. The average player doesn’t know either. I never implied that I knew what the reference was. They were all guesses/jabs at 343 for vague references rather than things anybody actually wants.

Actually this part further illustrated my ignorance on the reference, since youre having difficulty reading:
“Or maybe its like a weightlifting pose? Avant-garde street performer???”

Your response totally disregards the point of the post. What do you think about this weeks virtual spaceman items? Do you like the dolly dress up or not? Pat yourself on the back you defended the stranger on the big green -Yoink!- shoot guy forum for epic gamers :sunglasses:.

It’s less the external economy aspects (that have always sucked, 1.33 for this hat) and more that the store itself isn’t bad because you can go in there and find any items you want from the store to get the items you need.

Halo Infinite’s store, meanwhile, is a revolving door of FOMO elements and I dislike that immensely. If something I like in the store goes because I committed the grave sin of not buying it that week (Zvezda), then it can rot for all I care.

30 is just an adult, which you… clearly aren’t.

Do you think Halo shouldn’t reference the Alien series? Take any design notes from Gundam? Because those are about as old kid.

(Also, very much not a man…!)

That’s stupid, HEMA is completely legit.

Listen, you’re weirdly arrogant but that’s expected of the age I guess, but I DO respect that you’re into HEMA, that’s pretty cool. I do not have the resources for it, lol.

By all means, voice your disappointment at the shop prices and your idea of what the equipment featured in the bundles might actually be worth.

343i isn’t “laughing at us” behind our backs about any of this. I’ve amply and often criticized them for a decade, but the narrative that they’re honestly out to ruin Halo is absolute nonsense. They shifted to F2P on the assumption that it would be a net benefit for the series, and cosmetic monetization is an unfortunate but almost unavoidable factor in F2P games. The armor bundles started out at what were considered pretty roundly to be completely obscene prices and have had one major price drop since.

They’ll get another price drop if enough players are ignoring them at the current price. They won’t if 343 considers the revenue they’re seeing at this point acceptable. If you’re in the camp of hoping that helmets come down to approximately a dollar per, I’d optimistically say you’re in for a very long wait. I expect that the main armor bundles may come down to approximately $5.00 once there’s a lot of armor in the game, but that’s probably still 3-4 seasons away if I had to guess.