My personal review/issues I had with the flight.

Loved this flight. A couple of issues i had:

  1. The double melee/sword lunge. (I posted this on the waypoint forums here and its confirmed to be a bug in the beta version of the build and wont be in release. So happy because it killed a lot of close range weapons.)

  2. The new Carbine (3 round burst). To me it seems bad, like the damage is good however the way it tracks and the speed its projectiles move is awful. A simple strafe will beat this gun most of the time. 343 needs to be careful with this gun due too the 2 burst kill it can do.

  3. I love the Ghost but I got a feeling its going to be nerfed. Its amazing if your aware of your surroundings and imo there are a lot of counters to it (Shock rifle, the electric grenades, grapple, spiker, rocket) I love the place its at right now.

  4. BtB CTF is amazing however I ran into an issue where you would go into sudden death and one team would get a ghost and warthog while the other get a tank and aerial vehicle. I posted this on waypoint.

  5. AR. Not sure how I feel about the headshot multiplier on it.

  6. Still not sure about the no betrayal/collision with teammates. On one hand you dont have the children that kill teammates for power weapons but on the other hand seems people arnt carefull anymore with grenade throwing and explosives.

Great summary, I experienced similar points!

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> Great summary, I experienced similar points!

Yeah overall a very pleasant experience.