My Personal Praises and Criticisms w/ HI Flight #2

Please share your feedback with me here!! (I will be filling tickets for all non opinionated criticisms and bugs)


Needler sounds great!

I love the repulser. Best equipment addition.

Behemoth might be my favorite halo map… ever.

AR is actually usable, love that!

Not as “sweaty” as H5.

Gameplay feels so much like “halo”.

Potential to be the best MP in the series for me personally.

I love the music so much.

Texture detail is PHENOMENAL.

Weapons are interesting and fun. All fill a unique role with not much overlap. I love that.

The sandbox feels small (I know there are more weapons we haven’t seen / played with). I am worried the sandbox will feel too small at launch.

Criticisms / Bugs:

I was in training mode on behemoth and could not press the start button at all. It would not pause the game or pull up the menu.

Where are my feet?! Not sure if this is a bug or a solution to the high FOV bug from last flight.

Aiming on controller feels very odd. Especially with the skewer and the sniper. I didn’t not see as much issue as other people are saying but I still felt it. I turned my dead zones down but it felt off.

We need halo physics back. Please let us collide with our teammates and properly grenade jump. I loved this aspect of the older games and made for fun customs.

The gravity hammer (while very fun) needs some knock back imo. It doesn’t feel like a GRAVITY hammer. This weapon is so changed from its original I think I deserves a new name / design.

The drop wall needs another buff. I found myself not using it at all. I felt as though it was useless in most scenarios aside from the first few moments of a bazaar slayer match.

As mentioned before, skewer and sniper were extremely hard to use. The sniper second zoom is way too far for 4v4 maps bar maybe behemoth.

I avoided the pulse carbine altogether this flight. I gave it plenty of attention last flight but I could not find myself being able to use it. I would aim with the reticle and not hit anything. If the weapons intention is to aim outside of the reticle for the plasma round tracking, the reticle should look more like the needlers, not a precision weapon.

The hydra redesign doesn’t look great. (In my opinion). Excited to use it though!

Bazaar was my least favorite map for slayer but it was an extremely fun CTF map.

Plasma pistol doesn’t EMP anymore? Needs a hard buff to stay relevant in the sandbox if this decision holds.

I am afraid of the shock rifle’s OPness towards flying vehicles. Is yet to be seen yet!

Ravager alt fire feels very underwhelming in damage. Looks hot as hell though!

Menu flickering terribly on Xbox Series X in training mode and academy.

Can’t switch to all chat from in game chat on xbox. Only team.

Max sense on controller (played on 10 all flight) is very low. Very hard to turn around and gives controller a large disadvantage over Keyboard and Mouse.

Is there no aim assist at all on controller? I felt very little.

When pausing during the Spartan introduction of training mode (when the camera is zooming into the Spartan) causes the camera to zoom into the center of the Spartan and continue into walls. Very funny.

Training mode settings seem very finicky. I set my bots to zero in the beginning and then they still spawn in. Have to reset options once or twice to get bots to leave the match.

Bots and chickens seems to have pathfinding problems on bazaar. Namely in the center of the map near the pillars.

“Ghost” bots sometimes remain in training mode on live fire after friendly and enemy bots are set to zero.

Sniper tears across screen in the weapon drills, bots also tear when zoomed in.