My personal Halo 6 wish list

  • Reach credit system

  • Reach customization system

  • Military ranks

  • Blue team missions only

  • Play on a Halo

  • classic Covenant art( since the storm is no more.)

  • Have Warzone make a return I really love it.

  • Solo firefight

  • no more armor with unnecessary white paint

  • no more wild paint designs on weapons for example the Saw the answer why is it white red and green? Just make them saw MK 1, MK 2, MK 3 and for weapon skins mark 1 could be gray, mark 2 could be green and mark 3 could be black then it still looks like Halo and still looks military.

  • NO MORE NEW CHARACTERS THERE ARE TONS NOW.( unless there forerunner then giver)

  • really use the power of the One X and make this look insane 4K please.

  • Stop giving SPARTANS different color armor they should all be green IMO

  • Longsword fighter space mission please.

  • remove ground pound it’s just a ridiculous mechanic.

  • smart link, clamber, thrusters should stay, but sprint it can stay or go I wouldn’t be hurt either way.
    Well I think those are the main points I have let me know what you would like to see and if you agree with any of my ideas.

You’re welcome to contribute to the existing wishlist threads. If everyone makes their own, there won’t be room for anyone to talk about anything else.