My personal feelings, feedback and opinion of Halo Infinite Beta

So I wanted to give my feedback, feelings, and opinion on Halo Infinite Beta.

Academy: It is a awesome mode, I like the weapon drills and the tutorial and training mode. I love how the tutorial tied Multiplayer(MP), weapon drills and training mode to canon. All the things inside the Academy makes me feel like a Spartan in training and part of the Halo universe.

Tutorial: I have played it twice and it is a nice intro to MP, and Academy. It is nice to have places like to get used to the new controls, since ever Halo has different controller settings and functions. I love the little story we get and look forward to see how it will tie in with the game. They way they did makes me feel like part of the Halo universe again, like they did in Spartan Ops. Which I missed that element. I hope our Spartan get to take part in Zeta Halo conflict.

Weapon Drills: This mode is awesome and after playing MP and having gone back to weapon drills I am glad we have this mode. It really helps to get a feel for the weapons. I hope they add different types of drills and different type of maps. The challenge to get three stars is something I working on, but I have noticed a big improvement on the one I do have three stars on and it shows me were I need improvement. There are some of the weapon drills that at least to me are impossible to get three starts and other are way to easy. Will be updating later on which weapon are way easy, just right and impossible.

Training Mode: I love this mode and have since the first flight. It is nice to train against bots to get a feel on combat can work. As well as try to things out without the pressure that you have in MP. The fact you can change the settings mid training is awesome. I spent hours during the flights to play around and get to know the maps. As well as gives me the ability to use a weapon without running out of ammo or time.

Custom Games: I love the settings you have in custom games. I am a little sad to see some game modes such as neutral flag aren’t in the MP line up right now and I hope to see more one flag to show up on more maps. I also love the fact I can add bots to the map. Though that part did take me a bit to figure out. Though now I know why bot boot camp don’t have all the modes. The bots still have trouble with some things, such as using vehicles, they have yet to us any vehicles. The bots do seem to learn though. The bots on both team on stockpile didn’t know what to do with the seeds, but once I got a seed placed the bots on my team were able to place the seeds. Though they love to go around the map carrying the seeds. Odd ball, total control, strongholds, capture the flag the bots play pretty well. I like how I can use Custom Games as an advance training mode.

Multiplayer: I am enjoying MP, though I hope we get more PvE modes. Would love to see firefight come to Halo Infinite. I love all the maps. I love the environments in each, the Anti Air gun firing at the UNSC Frigate which I am so very happy and loving that they brought back the old style frigates back I have always like them better than the Halo 4 and 5 frigates. Then there is the UNCS Frigate firing at the Covenant Carrier. The wild life is a nice touch as well. I have enjoy all the modes, though I have yet to play one flag. That being said in all modes Bot Bootcamp, Ranked, BTB and quick match I keep getting stuck with a select few types of modes. I believe there is a need to give more options such as Slayer, Objective Modes. I believe the community is large enough there will not be any problems getting matches.

Weapons: I like the weapons we have and I hope that they will hear the community on giving us more weapons and bring some classics back, such as the Halo CE Magnum, one of the past Halo’s shotgun, fuel rod. I love many new weapons we have. Current favorite is the Battle Rifle. It was Commando until they nerfed it.

Maps: Each map is awesome, and as I have said earlier I love the environments. The layout of the maps are great. They feel very balance, they only map I see a little unbalance is Highpower. I feel the fact that the gate that is middle of the map isn’t in the middle and one base is blocked and has is very much less exposed than the other. The base further from the gate is pretty much open to the whole map. That being said players coming from the other base has very few paths to get the vehicles drops in front of the gate. Which makes it easy for the other team to snipe and deny the other team of the vehicle.

Battlepass: I am on the fence on this one. I like the fact we get to earn stuff, but I don’t like the fact I have to pay to get everything on the Battlepass. I do like how MCC did it better. I like to choose what I unlock at each tier. But the progress is far better than Halo 5 SR is. I am glad they extended how long the double xp last. It has made the progress a lot easier and quicker, but not too quick.

Challenges: This is what I like the less about the game. I think they had a prefect challenge system with MCC. To be able to gain progress on all challenges and see all the challenges was great. I am glad they have allowed on Waypoint to view upcoming challenges.

The store: The other thing I dislike, I don’t have the money to buy the stuff and it kind of sucks. I did spend a little and I am hating myself for it. The HCS part of store was a little misleading. The free coating of HCS Winter, you can use it in all the customization, but I bought the Cloud9 and all of it is only allowed as a whole and not allow to customize. Even the weapon is a kit. I thought it was more like the weekly store ZVEZDA ARMOR SET is. I wished they had explained the Kit more. Cause I wouldn’t have bought it. I think everything in the kit you should be able to us like a set. There shouldn’t be any limitation when you pay money for it.

Customization: I am enjoying and hating it at the same time. At first I thought I would hate the different cores, but I am liking it. What we can customize is good, but not great. I would like more control over the colors. I would love to see the customization we had in Halo 4 360. Being able to choose from helmet down to the legs. When 343 first mentioned their customization I was hopeful. That said, it is amazing how well what they have given us works well with each part of the armor. I really hope they listen to community and change somethings. Cause they have done an awesome job of making it feel that I am in and part of the Halo Universe. Having the ability to do more customization of the armor and having more control over the colors would make that feeling more so. I think any of the emblems, coatings and visor colors you get you should be able to use on all cores. I also believe there are even emblems that aren’t available all cross the board. I believe if I pay money for a visor color or armor coating it should be accessible to all cores and not limit to a core or kit. If they want set coating then they should treat them like they have done weapon skins. Example like how they had different paint jobs or patterns on the Halo 5 armor. Then with those paint jobs/patterns have set colors like they have with the emblems. Emblems should have more color chooses as well.

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I have to admit that I was actually pretty disappointed by the frigate. It is clearly based on something like a Paris Class Heavy Frigate, but looks nowhere near as good as the original model from Halo Reach. The shape just seems… wrong. I don’t understand why it would need to be changed at all…

The whole “new frigate class every game because we drew it differently” thing is getting a bit old.

Agreed it is getting old, but I feel that this style of frigate fits better than the frigates we got in Halo 4 and 5. Yes there are total like the old frigates from Reach, however it has been a while since Reach and I get some things will change due to new classes.

Canonically considering the size of the ships and how long some ships have been established to exist (the Spirit of Fire was built in 2473 and is still in service 80 years later,) it really makes no sense to think that new classes of frigates are coming out every few years.

Agreed that they look much better than the Strident they came up with for Halo 4 and 5, but it just doesn’t look quite as good as the Paris in Reach, which is disappointing a decade later. Literally just a higher resolution model of the exact same thing would be preferable for me.

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