My personal feedback that would make this Halo even better

Here are the things that IMO would make the game better

I’m having a ton of fun in Infinite atm but there’s alot of stuff that grinds my gears…:

  • The UI/UX. When i’m in a fireteam i would like to see my friends’ rank in the current playlist and when i look at someones profile i would like to see his highest achieved rank, i just have no idea why this is gone …
    Also where can i see my stats, like KD, earned medals, match history, …

  • Gamemodes. Now i know people say they’re probably coming Dec.8 but i’m mentioning it anyway. Pretty much everyone wants more playlists. Team Slayer/Snipers/SWAT, FFA, Griffball, Infection, KOTH !!!, some Rumble Pit like playlist, …

  • Weapons sandbox. With the Fiesta event now happening it has become even more clear to me just how little the weapons sandbox really is, there really isn’t alot compared to Halo 3. And the fact that there is no good shotgun also means everyone uses swords when they can i you can to pretty much nothing to counter it.

  • Weapon performances. The Ravager got nerved into the dirt compared to the Tech preview and is absolutally useless now. The Commando also got nerved to much compared to the BR, i never use it unless i have to.

  • Equipment Infinite really needs more equipment, the dropwall is useless most of the time, the grapple and repulsor are awesome.

  • Collision. Please in the name of the holy Prophets turn collision back on … i’ve seen people kill themselves by sticking teammates an rocketing teammates on accident. When i’m getting shot in a corridor and i’m oneshot, i can just back up through my teammate for cover…

  • Audio. There seems to be this weird audio bug where you can pretty much here NOTHING coming from behind you.

  • Customization. Why can’t i mix & match my armor pieces between different cores, and when you buy an Amor “Kit” you cant change any of the armor pieces or use any of the kit pieces on other armors.

  • Battlepass / Monitization. Well i think everyone agrees here that this just s*cks. I know being free to play means that you have to make money somehow but i mean come on… 10 bucks for a armor kit (that you can’t even customize / mix & match afterwards!!!), 10 bucks for cat ears … and the free side of the battlepass is pretty much useless tbh. I (and alot of other people i imagine) refuse to buy anything until these insane prices are changed.

  • Progression. Now i know these things are already been confirmed but i’m saying it anyhow. The XP/challenge system needs a rework taking into account the performance in the match. You already have a scoring system per player in matches at this moment, just use that to calculate earned XP. We need a simple XP ranking system outside of the skill ranks and the battlepass.

These are the things that came to mind at the moment after having played all week, with all that being said i really am having a blast playing this game. What do you guys think?
Currently rank Diamond 2 #RoadToOnyx :muscle::sunglasses: :rofl: