My personal feedback on Halo Infinite (Warning: lots of text)


Hello, my name is Tom, I’m 24, and I work in the game development industry. I’ve been playing Halo since I was like 8, and I’m very passionate about the franchise. I’m writing this post today because I care about Halo Infinite, and I want to see it do better.

I want to start off mentioning that I love the gameplay. Aside form the occasional networking shenanigans, playing the game feels awesome. The movement is smooth and intuitive, the weapons are fun to use and satisfying to get kills with, the equipment adds a wonderful gameplay layer on top of it all, and the vehicles are a joy to pilot, it’s great. I especially enjoy the new/remixed weapons, such as the Commando, and the Mangler. I’d also like to give a shoutout to the Ravager, which since the latest buff has actually become very fun to use. When it all works, the run and gun experience Halo Infinite provides easily beats out all of the AAA-shooter competition for me.

Cool, that being said, I have feedback on a range of topics, and I’ll do my best to structure it all in such a way that it all reads coherently, so it doesn’t read like the ramblings of a mad fanatic. I think I will start with the system I believe causes the most frustration amongst players no matter what they’re playing.


The challenge system to me reads like it was not thought out with the intention of improving the gameplay experience. Harsh words, but I stand by them, I think this system actively bars people from enjoying the game as much as they could be.

Players will do whatever they’re asked to do to get the shiny item, some games are entirely built around this. If you only reward the player with the shiny for doing something other than working towards the game’s main objective, they won’t care about the main objective. Not caring about the objective means they’re not even playing the same game as the rest of their team, which is super bad, especially when there are multiple players like this, each with their own goal.

You HAVE TO push players towards actually playing the game, even just out of principle alone, right? Reward players for winning and/or playing well, instead of only for completing tasks unrelated to the game mode’s objective. I know performance based rewards are in the works, so that’s good.

Then there’s the issue of challenge types. Say you task the player with killing flag carriers, right? They go and set out to complete that task they’re given, but then whether or not they actually can is up to RNG. They can’t choose to play the mode they need to play in order to get the shiny, that’s very frustrating! You can sometimes play for hours without getting the mode you need even once. I don’t think challenge swaps are a remedy, I view them as overpriced band--Yoink!- for a never healing wound, I think it’s up to you to stitch it up.

So yes, certain challenges lead to frustration amongst players because completing them can be out of their hands. This frustration leads them to quitting games, and that leads to getting banned, causing even more frustration among them. Being able to vote for a game mode with your entire lobby before a game starts gives players some amount of control back, which I think would severely reduce frustration, but could spark conflict between players when the mode they need isn’t chosen.


Customization is bigger than it’s ever been, it’s great. There are however a few misses that I would very much like to point out. You’ve all heard the criticism about the coating system and the lack of cross-core customization so I won’t say much about that, just that I hope you won’t go too crazy with coatings visuals as time goes on, less is more. Chief is one of the most iconic characters in gaming history, and he’s just green.

There are various examples of things we’d like to do, but aren’t allowed to. Helmet attachments, very cool. However, restrictions on which are and which aren’t allowed to go onto which helmets seem unnecessarily strict to me. You see I found this glitch in the customization menu at launch that lets you view attachments on helmets they’re not “supposed” to go on. After messing around with this more than I care to admit, there are a lot of attachments that fit perfectly onto helmets we’re not allowed to put them on. This is mainly the case for the Mark VII and Mark V [B] cores, but Yoroi and Rakshasa also have a few cases.

I would really like to see restrictions loosen up a little. We’ve all seen the Cavallino helmet a million times already, being able to put one of the other helmet’s attachments from the battle pass on it would nicely spice things up. I’m not asking to be able to put anything on everything, just for someone to really check which attachments can fit onto which helmets, and loosening restrictions accordingly. Additionally, if we ever get the option to stick multiple attachments onto a helmet like we could in Reach, that’d be great. There’d even be more incentive for players to spend money on attachments, which I’m sure is something you’re interested in.

We can put a lot of personality into our Spartans already, which is fantastic. There’s one single scenario where our personalities are chosen for us, though, and that’s during the intro to every game. We can select our pose for the end screen, it would be great if we would also be able to choose for the starting screen. You’ll have an additional type of cosmetic to sell, and we’ll have more control over our Spartans mannerisms, everyone wins!

This will also have the added benefit of synchronizing intro animations between game clients, which I’ve found isn’t currently the case, which is a bit of a miss if you ask me.


Yes, I miss them! The older games provided much more opportunities for players to connect, and I miss them. The game to me feels more barren, lonely, than previous installments have.

I always loved, LOVED being able to easily view and scroll through the players and their Spartans before games. It was just cool to see what they made their Spartans look like, imagining what kind of soldiers they are, and who I imagine will be dangerous in the upcoming game. In my opinion it doesn’t all need to go so fast.

On top of that, being able to vote for maps and game modes was very cool! It gave players more control over what they’re about to play, which is something I think Infinite would GREATLY benefit from. In the time it’d take to vote, that opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lobby would automatically return, win-win!

I loved playing multiple games with a group of randoms in the olden days! That’s not really a thing anymore, since we get thrown back to the main menu after each game now. Wish I could just stay with the folk I just played with, and go again. Automatically look for a new game with the people who didn’t choose to leave, they don’t have to be added to my fireteam, just keep the lobby together, that’s all.


Monetization is important, we all need to eat, I understand. I don’t understand, however, why it has to be implemented this way. I’m going to be speaking a bit more from I own personal experience with this topic this time around.

I want to spend money, I’d like to do that little I support you-you give me cool stuff trade. What bars me from completing the trade, though, is that alongside the cool stuff, I have to pay for items I don’t care about/will never use. Bundles, I strongly dislike that you can only get items by buying the bundle they’re featured in. I value my money, I won’t spend it on things I don’t like, but I do very much want to spend it on things I do like. This is a very frustrating situation for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing this. I hate to think about why this system is set up this way because it leads me to a conclusion I don’t want to be true.

If I were just able to buy individual items from the customization menus I would’ve spent so much more than I have, don’t you think that would be the case for more players? I believe going back to actual microtransactions would benefit everyone, as much as I hate to say it.

If you’re set on keeping the concept of bundles, please consider changing it up a little. Perhaps bundles could serve as discount deals? Like, all cosmetics can be purchased individually, BUT, bundles offer you a selection of items at a discount! The price would just be the cost of all featured items added up, minus the discount percentage. If players have previously purchased single items featured in the bundle, the prices of those items are simply subtracted from the total. This is a huge undertaking to set up, but God does it just sound like a million times more of an enjoyable shopping experience than what we have now.

Also, item availability. Having such a large catalogue of cosmetics, with only such a small portion of it being available for purchase sounds crazy to me. Why can’t I buy that cool helmet that released last season? Why won’t you let me do that? It’s not like anyone really cares for the “exclusivity”, that really only goes for cosmetics that are earned through playing the game, not for cosmetics attained purely through one’s wallet. This is very not fun.


That’s all I have. Aside from this: Please do not cancel the matchmaking countdown when I move to another menu after I’ve started it. I said I wanted to play, that doesn’t change when I move to another menu. I can always cancel it myself.

Now I’m really done. Thanks so much for reading through all that, it was a lot. If you have anything to add to this, I’d genuinely love to know. Cheers! :beers:


Consistent good takes across a long post like this? Without unreasonable demands or rude manchildren insults? Are you sure you’re on the right website? Anyways I respect it. To add some feedback, I prefer the veto system from Halo 3 than a vote system. When players get to vote, you tend to always play the same thing.


Very good post. Thank you. I agree with most of your points.

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Yeah I gotta’ say I don’t disagree with any of this. I wholeheartedly believe you work in the industry, haha. You have good structure for all of this.

A huge wall of text. And I actually got to read it all! (usually I stop at the first “I’m a OG Halo player” or “343 sucks”).

Good points. Well reasoned. The only point I don’t agree on is veto.

Additions to the store: If you have seen my last two posts, you can see that their bundles aren’t even priced out to consider individual items. The prices are inconsistent. Crimson Serpent vs Deepcore red. The former is 600CR and contains the same number of items and an extra attachment. Deepcore, same coatings, no attachment, 800CR. Happening right now too. So on top of going to a catalogue system, they need to go through each category of item, and price them individually, and what the max price of a bundle should be. There is no evidence of this, they just price everything willy-nilly without reason.

Good point about the veto system, I agree!

Thank you, like I said I’m passionate about Halo so I wanted to my feedback right.

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this post is a monument to 343’s sins, we need posts like these to be stickied so whenever the guy in charge of reading feedback decides to do his job he can read any random point and pass it on to the devs.

Do you know if 343’s artificial rarity system ties into pricing? I haven’t looked into it at all really but just from what I’ve seen I always figured that’s why some packs are priced higher than others.

They could just go systemic and have all cosmetics be priced based on type and rarity, they would only have to configure/design the system and that’d be it for them. All Legendary helmets cost 400 credits, all Epic helmets cost 300, you know. That way they save themselves the work of having to price bundles and even individual cosmetics since that’s all just handled by the system, on top of pricing becoming clear and predictable for us as players.

It is also inconsistent. I would like some sort of consistency.
Honestly the “rarity” is just arbitrary now. The idea of it is left over from the loot box system, which itself was taken from the randomness of Borderlands (other games did it before, but the color coordination was ripped straight from it.)

It is all dumb. I don’'t need a metric for how well 343 thinks something will sell, they just need to sell it. All of the same armor pieces should cost the same, regardless of artificial “rarity”